Garden lights are available in many different types and styles. Fine gardening includes the addition of many types of garden lights and outdoor lighting products into the landscape.

Outdoor lighting, outdoor accent lighting, and garden lights, in all its various forms, have become popular as more people are owning their own homes and moving outdoors to enjoy entertaining and relaxing at home. Lighting can add glamour and style to your landscape. If you happen to have any garden features such as gazebos or  pergolas, you can also add lights on or around them. Installing outdoor lights will allow you to get more use of your outdoor space well after the sun goes down.

"Outdoor Lighting"

Outdoor Lighting Provides Security

Lighting can be used outdoors to add a little touch of special lighting, or used to incorporate a great deal of light into your yard, deck, or patio. Your choice will depend on where you are going to place them and what purpose they serve.

Garden lights can be placed purposefully to enhance a certain object, a garden structure such as a canvas gazebo, or a particular area of your garden that you might want as a focal point. You may be safety conscious and want to light a pathway or steps for added safety.

"Gazebo with Garden Lights"

A Gazebo and Garden Lights- A perfect Match

Each type of garden lighting is certainly worth checking into to make sure that you get the exact ones that will serve your purpose and provide you with the light you need. Patio lighting can also be added around your patio or deck. If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, this is a perfect way to bring your patio to life.

The price ranges of  each type of lighting will also be quite varied. You will be able to purchase many types of lighting products that may be in a low price range, or you may want some top of the line ones that are more decorative and made of more expensive, quality materials. These look great as embellishments on all types of gazebos. You will be amazed at the effects that illuminating a feature, such as a gazebo, can do for your landscape. The ability of lighting a specific area, whether it is directly on an object, or in nearby trees or shrubs. Even placing lighting next to a park bench, will produce dramatic effects in your yard.

Four Main Types of  Garden Lighting

1. Solar Powered Garden Lights- This type of lighting is often used for decoration or subtle effects. They come in a wide variety of designs. Solar lights recharge during the day by absorbing sunlight. When the sun goes down, they turn on automatically and remain illuminated overnight, depending on how much sunlight they receive during the day. Solar lights will not provide as much light as a regular electric light, but are easily installed and are cheaper to operate. Some of the available solar lighting may come in the form of: solar lanterns, solar spotlights, solar pathway lights, and solar garden rock lights.

"LED Solar Garden Lighting"

LED Garden Lights

2. LED Garden Lights- Led lights have a light-emitting diode in them. LED's require less energy consumption and last longer than regular incandescent light sources. The LED device is usually very small, more reliable, and more durable than some other power sources.

They are, however, more expensive than your other options. This will depend on the particular product that the LED device is in. Such products as, LED solar rope lights that come in many colors, LED solar motion activated garden lights are just a couple of examples of this type of lighting.

3. Electric Garden Lights- Electric lights of this type are powered by electricity and have to be plugged in or wired into an electric source. They will provide a good strong light source and come in varying types of fixtures ranging from soft light to bright lights.

"Electric Garden Lights"

Electric Garden Lights

This type is more expensive to operate since they require an electric current to operate. They must be wired correctly and may require the services of an electrician to properly hook up the power source. Electric lights may come in the form of, post lamps, post lights, globe lamps, wall lanterns, patio lanterns, antique Lights, projection lights, or clamping light fixtures.

4. Outdoor Garden Lights(Gas)- Gas lights are fueled by either a gas line that feeds into a gas light, or by a gaseous fuel, if it is a type of light that requires a fuel source. These are predominantly found in the form of gas lanterns. Some may be a little expensive if you plan to keep your yard lit on a year round basis.

Decorative Garden Lights- This is a category of garden lighting that may be powered by any of the types of light sources mentioned. They come in many shapes, colors, styles and can add color and a touch of whimsy to any garden, deck, or patio. Such items as floating lights, decorative tea lights, garden stakes and ornaments are very popular and frequently bought items. Brides love to use this type of lighting to light up a wedding gazebo for their special day.

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