2305 John Deere Attachments

2305 John Deere attachments can be easily attached to your john deere tractor. You can also find some compatible parts from different companies that will also fit on the 2305 tractor. Your tractor should have a 3 point hitch system with a PTO output allowing you to use many different attachments for different jobs.

"2305 John Deere Attachments"

2305 4WD Compact

This is a list of 2305 John Deere attachments that should fit easily on your machine. I will give you a list of John Deere Attachments, then optional attachments from other companies that should fit your 2305 tractor.

Check your manual or contact a  dealer for any specific questions that you  might have concerning a particular attachment.

2305 John Deere attachments (4WD) by Frontier

Hay Attachment for JD 2305

Bale Unrollers, Disc Mowers, Hay Mergers, Rotary Rakes, Hay Tedders, and Wheel Rakes.

Snow Removal Attachments for JD 2305

47 Inch Snow blower attachment, 59 inch snowblower, 52 inch Quick-Hitch Rotary Broom, Front Blades, Heavy Duty Rotary Brooms, and Frontier SB11 and SB13 Snow Blowers.

Landscaping Attachment for JD 2305

3-Bag Power Flow Material Collection System, 52inch Quick-Hitch Rotary Broom,54inch front blade, 55 gal. 3 pt. PTO sprayer (2models), 60 inch heavy-duty rotary broom, Front Blades, Landscape Rakes, Box Blades, Core Aerators, Drawn box Scrapers, Land Planes, Landscape Rakes, Post Hole augers, Power Rakes, Rear Blades, Soil Pulverizers, and Wood Chippers.

Loading and Digging Attachment for JD 2305

Backhoes, Loaders, and a Self-Leveling Loader

Mowing and Cutting Attachment for JD 2305

3-Bag Power Flow Material Collection System, Flail Mowers, Mid-Mount Side Discharge Mowers ( many models), Grooming Mowers, Sickle Bar Mower, and Rotary Cutters.

Seeding Attachment for JD 2305

Core Aerators, End-Wheel Grain Drills, Conservation Seeders, Food Plot Seeders, Broadcast spreaders, Pendular Spreaders, and Overseeders.

Tilage Attachments for JD 2305

Commercial Tillers, Disk Harrows, Drawn Offset Disks, Series Plows, Field Cultivators, Middle Busters, Subsoilers, and Rotary Tillers

Livestock and Equine Attachments for JD 2305

Free-Stall Scrapers, Bale Processors, Manure Spreaders and Arena Rakes

Compatible Attachments w/description for John Deere 2305 Tractor

Tractor Angle Scrape Blade comes in 4’, 5’ and 6’ sizes. It is used for leveling, grading, backfilling and snow removal.

Phoenix T4 Series Value Model Tractor Rotary Tiller comes in 40”, 48”, and 59” widths. It is an economy rotary tiller made by Sicma of Italy. This series works for any type of general gardening.

Heavy-Duty T5 Series Phoenix Rotary Tiller comes in 40”, 44”, and 48” widths. This is a larger more heavy duty version of the T4 series.

Phoenix M48-S Tractor Finish Mower has a 48”, Rear Discharge. This is a heavy duty finish mower with a 3 pt. Hitch and is tractor PTO driven.

12” Narrow Hitch, low profile, one bottom tractor plow that fits sub-compact and compact tractors.

Tractor PTO Harley Rake (TM-4 Series 48”) Power Box Rake is great for preparing seed beds for lawns.

Tractor Pulverizer, Yard Tool, Model 51, comes with a 60” single roller. This has front and rear teeth to pulverize and break up dirt clogs for landscaping and preparing soil for seeding.

Agrex Tractor PTO Fertilizer Spreader XA150 features a 3 pt. Hitch, PTO driven spreader. (Includes PTO shaft)

Agrex Pull Type (Ground Drive) Fertilizer SpreaderSp100

*Agrex has different models for different weight loads.

L7200JR Junior Tractor Post Hole Digger with an option of a auger bits in sizes 4”, 6”, 9”, and 12”

Tractor Loaded 3rd Function Kit is a conversion kit that will let you use a 4 in 1 bucker or a grapple. All attachments are included in kit.

King Kutter 48” XB Rear Discharge Finish Mower that features a free floating flex-hitch system that follows ground contours.

Tractor 3 Point Hitch Garden Bedder 48” models GB50 and Gb48. Each has a furrowing attachment that can be purchased, but is optional.

Hitch Pull Type Water Fillable ARP Aerator. This comes in sizes 30”, 36’, 48” and 60” widths.

Tractor 3 Point Hitch Pine Straw Rake PSR-5’ comes with a 60” Rake.

Tractor 3 Point Hitch One Row #10 Cultivator has a working width of 48” and comes with regular tines and heavy tines.

Tractor 3 Point Hitch Sprayer 25 Gallon boom/handgun is a lawn sprayer that features spring loaded booms.

Compact Tractor 3 Pt. Hitch, manual angle Sweepster Broom with 4’ width.

Front Mount Hydraulic Drive Sweeper for Compact Tractors. Has sweepers in 4’ and 5’ widths.

Tractor 3 Point Boom Pole, Boom Lift BL-6 for cat 1 hitches. Will handle all your lifting needs up to 1500 lbs.

Tractor 3 Point Dirt Mover Scoop Pan measures 30”. This features a reversible hitch that loads forward or pushes backwards.

AgriMetal Turf Aerator, Core Plugger, Aerifier- Pull/Tow Type FA-480TW Is paired with 2 axles held with bolts, and wheels with sealed balled bearings.

King Kutter XB Carry All. A versatile attachment for compact tractors. It will carry around up to a 500 lb. load.

John Deere attachments can be purchased from johndeere.com and many of the compatible products are carried by everythingattachments.com.

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