400 Watt Grow Light- Is 400 Watts Enough?

If you are looking for a system that will allow you to set your temperature to the type of plant you are growing, you should consider a 400 Watt Grow Light. These lights can be purchased online in kits that contain not only the 400 watt grow light, but also a digital electronic ballast, a tube reflector, ceramic socket and a hanging kit. Some companies even offer a free timer or other free accessories with your purchase. You will find that growing indoor plants can be very easy when you have the right lighting for your plants; just as outdoors, you have garden lights to produce the right kind of illumination.

"400 Watt Grow Light"

400 Watt Grow Light

The 400W grow light bulb that you get is a high pressure sodium (HPS) grow light that is made to speed up the growing process of your plants so that they will flower quicker.

This type of light is made to accelerate the production of chlorophyll in your plants by providing a spectrum of light that is balanced to give your plant the right amount of a specific light wave. Plants and seedlings can be grown with optimum results by providing them with the right amount and type of light for growth. All you do is provide the water and food for healthy plants.

Grow lights will give you the ability to grow many types of beautiful plants indoors all year long. A welcome sight in the middle of winter. Nothing can replace the beauty of colorful flowers that can be grown by any gardener with very little effort.

"400 watt grow light system"

400 watt grow light system

400 Watt Grow Lights are high efficiency bulbs with an expected life span of 23,000-24,000 hours. They have 50,000 lumen and have more red spectrum light than other bulbs.

*Red light seems to be the preferred type of light for flowering plants.

The 400W bulbs fit most types of grow light systems, so you are able to order only the bulbs if you already have a complete grow light system. These bulbs have a high luminescence efficiency and output.

*If you do not already have a complete 400W Grow Light system, you might want to consider purchasing the entire kit that has low cost, and quality and environmentally friendly products that come with your system to provide you with the best growing equipment for your indoor plants. * View available 400 watt grow lights.

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