5 Piece Dining Set- Making the Right Choice

A 5 piece dining set is the perfect centerpiece for your dining area. Purchasing a dining set is more cost effective than purchasing your table and chairs separately. This article will give you facts and information on what is available on the market, as well as tips and collections of 5 piece dining sets.

"5 Piece Dining Set"

Elegant 5 piece dining set

If you are interested in the some of the trends of dining sets, then you might want to consider some of these designs:

  • Chic designs are usually money savers and seems to never go out of style. You don’t have to spend bundles on trying to acquire a nice dining set for your home and you don’t have to settle for a discount dining set or a rustic dining table. There are many in expensive sets available for the choosing.
  • Another option is glass. Some people love the look of glass, while others are more concerned with the safety of the glass materials, especially around children. The fact is, the glass on these tables are very safe and are built to withstand weight, but not something dropped hard onto the surface. If you do choose a glass table, you will find that the chairs are usually upholstered and the chair frame will be made of a metal that will match the design of the dining set.
  • The “in-shape” in recent times is the round dining table. A 5 piece round dining set brings a more informal feel to your dining room. The square dining table seems to never go out of style, but most dining tables are rectangular in shape. This is mostly due to the fact that you can place more chairs around this type of dining table. Although not as sought after as in the past, are the sets that will come with a center leaf to lengthen the table for extra guests.
  • Dining room sets can be used to add a splash of color to your dining area. You can purchase a colorful set with chairs, or add some colored fabric to the them. Your dining area should be a place where you can enjoy gathering with your family and friends.

    "Contemporary 5 Piece Dining Set in Black"

    Contemporary 5 Piece Dining Set

Types of 5 Piece Dining Sets

Are you wondering what types of dining sets are available? You will find styles that are casual, elegant, contemporary, or even 5 piece retro dining sets. They may be made of wood, such as maple, walnut, cherry or oak; or, they may be made of metal or glass, wicker, or even wrought iron.

If you have a gazebo in your yard or garden, you might even decide on buying a small dining set to place out in your canopy gazebo or shade gazebo, or within your outdoor kitchen area, for outdoor dining and entertaining. A deck or patio is also a good place for other options of outdoor dining. There are many types of outdoor 5 piece dining sets such as wicker, and wrought iron that are excellent sets to consider.

"Hillsdale Pompeii 5 Piece Dining Set"

Hillsdale Pompeii 5 Piece Dining Set

These dining sets will also come with different types of finishes. You may find stained wood, satin finishes, dark espresso finishes, shiny, and even a metal bronze-type of finish. You will also find a 5 piece black dining set to enhance your dining area.

The heights of the dining table sets will also vary. Some of them are normal height, while others offer higher types that are more in style, but are still only one of the options that you have to choose from.

Collections of 5 Piece Dining sets

Here a list of some of the collections for 5 piece dining sets that many retailers may carry. The price ranges will vary greatly. They are listed randomly and not by price or quality, simply listed to give you options:

"Vintage Garden 5 Piece Dining Set"

Vintage Garden Dining Set

Montego Espresso 5 piece dining set, Metropolitan 5 piece dining set, Walker Edison dining set, Mission dining sets, Contemporary dining sets, Mansfield dining sets, Mason 5 piece dining set, Manhattan dining sets, Teak Nantucket 5 piece dining set, Home Styles, Hillsdale Pompeii, Main Stays dining sets, Wildon Home, and Ragan Meadow. This are just a few of the many collections available, both online and at retailers across the country.

Regardless of which type of dining set you prefer, you are sure to find the one that will be the perfect one to accent your home.

"Retro 5 Piece Dining Set"

Red Retro Dining Set

You might also want to consider a dining table that includes a dining bench of some type. There are also many options of dining benches available in this area also.

"5 Piece Round Dining Set"

Round 5 Piece Dining Set

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