A Curved Garden Bench- Should You Buy One?

You may be trying to decide whether or not to purchase a curved garden bench. A curved garden bench will give you the same benefits as any other garden bench, except for the fact that it looks better and is more comfortable than regular garden benches. A curved garden bench comes with a curve made into its design. The curve can be on the seat portion of the bench, the outer portion, or the top section of the bench may have a curve in it. They also come with or without backs on them.

Curved garden benches add a special elegance to a garden setting when you buy garden benches. It is very inviting, as it seems to lure you in to stop, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

"Curved Concrete Garden Bench"

Curved Concrete Garden Bench

Type of Materials used for Curved Garden Benches

The first thing to consider when you buy a garden bench, is what type of material do you want it made of. Garden benches can be made of various type of materials. The main types of materials used are wood, concrete, galvanized steel, and cast iron.

Concrete makes some very nice curved garden benches. They are durable and will last for many years. You will see these as park benches in many public places. The concrete is actually a cast stone and is usually not sealed so that it ages naturally and will eventually get an antique look to it.

The only draw back is that they are heavy and require a little work transporting them and positioning them into your garden area. The concrete will normally come in a neutral grayish or white color. In some instances, you may find a company that carries a colored concrete, but for the most part, they are natural in color.

"Teak Curved Garden Bench"

Curved Teak Garden Bench

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Wood makes beautiful curved benches as well. The type of wood used outdoors should be of a variety that is made for outdoor use. Teak and cedar are the most durable types of outdoor wood for any of your outdoor furniture products. Eucalyptus is also used in outdoor furniture. Teak is an excellent wood that doesn’t require any special type of finishing or sealing since it is meant to weather naturally giving it a grayish appearance.

A curved garden bench made from teak is a beautiful piece that will be durable and one that you can pass along to future generations to use. Teak garden benches have a rich look to them. They are found in many formal gardens and landscapes.

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Cedar, another good outdoor wood, it seems to resist insects and other diseases that some woods can get. It weathers well and will give you a good durable bench for the money. It is usually less expensive than teak or concrete products. You will find that cedar benches will sometimes have options, such as a planter, that can be filled with plants or flowers. If you are lucky, you might find these as projects that needs partial assembly, but will make a nice accent in your yard or garden.

"Metal Curved Garden Bench"

Curved Garden Bench of Metal

Metal garden benches, usually galvanized steel or cast iron, are good materials for curved garden benches as well. Metal makes a great material because it allows for water to go through mesh, or slates, so that rain or snow doesn’t build up on the surface area.

Metal garden benches are usually made very well and will last a long time. They have a coating on them that is baked on, and will protect them from the elements.

Placement of Your Curved Garden Bench

The placement of your curved garden bench in your garden may be somewhat of a challenge. It will need to be in a place where you get the best view.

"Curved Garden Benches on Patio"

Curved Benches in Patio Area

Here are some tips and suggestions of where to place your garden bench. Any one of these places will be a great setting for your garden bench.

  • Place your bench where it will be the focal point of your landscape.  Stand on your deck or patio and look out into your yard and see where you might need a garden feature such as your bench.
  • A path or path way that winds through your property is a place that beckons for a resting place.
  • If you have a nice shade tree, this would be a great place to put your garden bench. This also holds true for placing a picnic bench table. Also, look around and see what will be viewed from your garden bench if you place in a certain place. Move around your garden and find the view that looks the most relaxing and one where you have the most flowers in bloom at different times of the year.
  • If you enjoy watching birds or butterflies, place your bench close to a bird feeder, or to plants that attract butterflies.
  • You may choose to place your curved garden bench on your deck or patio. If so, you can add some decorative cushions or pillows to them to add a nice touch to your outdoor setting.
  • Another great idea, is to place curved benches around a fire pit. These are really popular and will produce a nice seating area around the fire for your friends and family to enjoy.
  • If  you have a pond with fish or a fountain, a waterfall that cascades around rocks, or a pool, you might consider placing your garden bench around this scenic part of your yard and garden.

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