A Dining Bench- Making the Right Choice

When choosing a dining bench or a set of dining benches you should make the right choice. As the kitchen is the one of the most used rooms in the house, it should also be comfortable and serve the purpose that your family needs. You can choose styles from traditional, modern, rustic, formal, classic, or oriental styles. If you are in the market for a dining bench, you will find facts and information to help you make the right choice by knowing what is available in the area of dining room benches.

"Dining Bench"

Classic Dining Bench

A dining bench should add to the overall look of your other furniture and function as a sturdy piece of furniture. Dining benches are a good choice of dining furniture if you have a large family. Children love to sit on benches. I think this is true because it reminds them of sitting at picnic table. So, in some respects they feel it is a bench picnic table, and they love it.

Space is sometimes a factor in choosing a dining bench over traditional chairs. If you happen to have a counter space in a corner or along a wall, then dining benches are great for this type of set up. A dining bench may be natural solid wood or come with padded upholstery.

Dining Bench Materials

Wood- You will find different types of materials that dining room benches are made of, with the most popular one being wood. Even with a wood dining bench, you will have many choices to make. The determining factor for your bench should be the type of wood that your dining table is made of. You could choose whatever wood you want, but the overall look would be better if you chose a matching wood.

"Black/Oak Shaker Dining Bench"

Black/Oak Shaker Dining Bench

Many times when you purchase a dining table you may have the option of choosing a dining bench instead of all chairs. If you are starting out and have a choice, I would suggest that you purchase all of your pieces at the same time. Another option would be to choose a manufacturer that carries benches to match your dining furniture and purchase them at a later date.

Rustic Adirondack Cedar Dining Bench

If you like the rustic look, you may choose from a variety of dining benches. Most of these are made of durable white cedar. They are backless and made of solid wood. You will also find farmhouse dining benches that are informal but very sturdy and long lasting.

"Formal Dining Bench"

Formal Dining Bench

Elegant and Formal Dining Benches

Oak, Maple, Mahogany,and cherry are types of wood that you find most frequently used in making dining benches that have a more formal, elegant look to them. You may also find combinations of painted and finished wood, such as a black/oak shaker dining bench, or the white and oak farmhouse dining bench.

Some of them have modern styling to match your style preference. Most of these woods are used in their natural state and finished with a natural sealer that preserves the beauty of the wood and protects it as well.

Styles of Dining Benches

As far as styles of benches, you have formal, classic, shaker, oriental, contemporary, farmhouse, and rustic styles to choose from. Check out all of them to find which styles you prefer. You will also find that benches normally come backless, but you can also find them with backs on them. This will be determined by the style you choose. These are some of the other types of dining bench to choose from: dining bench seat, black dining bench, wood, farmhouse and rustic dining bench, leather dining bench, oak, corner dining bench, and the curved dining bench.

"Trestle Dining Bench"

Trestle Dining Bench

Unfinished Dining Bench

It is possible to purchase an unfinished dining bench. This is a great opportunity for the homeowner to use paint are an optional type of stain to create add a bit of color or design to their kitchen or dining room environment. Having the option to create your own color scheme is a great idea and a very good DIY project.

*Tip- Remember to sand your wood before painting and apply a primer coat for a smooth finish. Apply a protective sealer after you paint to preserve the paint. This will also allow you to clean the surface without taking off the paint. This is essential if you have younger children.

"Upholstered Dining Bench"

Upholstered Dining Bench

Upholstered Dining Bench

The type of dining bench you choose will give your dining area a certain feel to it. By choosing an upholstered dining bench, you allow in a design option where you may choose a decorative pattern or a solid color that will enhance its surroundings. You may also choose a leather, or a faux leather that will go with many types of wood dining tables. Custom upholstery can also be ordered from many online merchants so that you can mix and match your colors.

*Tip- I would suggest that you get the material Scotch-guarded or some type of protective treatment that is applied onto the surface of materials to protect from staining.

Storage Bench or Dining Storage Bench

You will also be able to choose a bench that can also serve as a storage place as well as occasionally used for dining purposes. This type of bench is handy to have placed in other parts of your home, but have it as a backup seating place as well.

"Dining Storage Bench"

Storage Bench/Dining Bench

There isn’t any homeowner that I know of that cannot use some extra space in their home for storing small items. If you have children, you are certainly aware of this fact.

There are many choices on the market for you to look at. I have found storage benches that have baskets below and some that have a rack for shoes.

"Rustic Adirondack Dining Bench"

Rustic Adirondack Dining Bench

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