A Green Gazebo for Your Backyard Enjoyment

Finding a green gazebo for your backyard enjoyment is easy. If you are wanting a backyard gazebo that will blend in with your backyard landscape, then purchasing a gazebo with a green canopy top, or a green frame will be the ideal garden feature for that purpose.

You will find that most gazebos come in white and white canvas replacement canopies, but you can also buy a green gazebo, yellow gazebo, and a beige gazebo if that is your preference. You can also purchase specific colors in the pop up gazebo varieties, or the canvas and canopy gazebo types.

"Green Gazebo"

Green Gazebo with Green Canopy

Gazebos add so much to the overall appearance of a yard. Many homeowners have found that adding a gazebo can actually improve the value of your home. Backyard gazebos the perfect place for family gatherings and outdoor parties. Many people choose to decorate their gazebo during holidays and times when they are celebrating a wedding, or graduations, or birthday parties.

Don’t forget that adding gazebo lights is a great way to accent it at night, whether you are having a party or just looking out and admiring your landscape. Most gazebos will come as a 10 x 10, 8 x 8, or 12 x 12. There are many types of gazebos to choose from, with many price ranges available.

Gazebos are the ideal garden feature to add for focal points in your landscape as well. They look great when they have plants with varying textures, or flowers along side or running up the frame of the gazebo. Roses and other climbers do very well for this purpose, so don’t rule these flowers out. It is a good idea to plant shrubs as well.

If you are lucky enough to have a large tree in your yard, you should be sure to place your gazebo close to the tree if that is possible. If you do not have a large tree, you can place your gazebo in a central or side location where it will be out of the way, but yet will still remain the focal point of your yard.

"Hexagonal Wood Gazebo with Green Canopy"

Hexagonal Wood Gazebo with Green Canopy

"Green Gazebo with Black Wrought Iron Frame"

Garden structures, of any type, will provide shade and the convenience of having a nice place to sit outdoors and enjoy the scenery or just to relax, read, or take a little snooze. This is especially true in the summer time when there is a nice breeze blowing and the weather is primed for outdoor enjoyment.

Gazebos are usually open and can be purchased with mosquito netting to protect against insects and unwanted debris that come up in the wind. You can also buy some side panels that are solid if you are entertaining. This will ensure that you and your guests don’t get wet.

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