A Guide to the Perfect Garden Tool Organizer

A Garden Tool Organizer is just what you need to organize your garden tools. They may come in the form of garden tool racks, or as a tool organizer that if free standing. This informative guide was prepared to help all of the busy people, who use many kinds of home and garden tools and equipment on a regular basis, and who have little time to search around to see what products are available. To find out what type of organizer you need, you will need to think about the answers to these questions.

What kind of garden tool racks or equipment do I need for organizing or storage?

Many people have a need for organizing: large garden tools, small garden tools, garden sprays and fertilizers, hoses, extension cords, cleaning equipment, automotive tools, building and repair equipment, painting supplies, and small miscellaneous items.

"Garden Tool Organizer"

All-In-One Organizer (Details Below)

What types of garden tool organizers are available?
All of the items listed above can be stored efficiently and neatly when you choose the right garden tool organizer. Organizers come in several forms. They will be wall mounted types or freestanding types.

The most commonly used type of tool organizer will be the wall mounted type. They are hung on the wall with screws or brackets. Many of these typical items most people already know about: drawer carts, hooks or brackets attached to a garage wall pegboard, a shelf with racks, and kits with tool hangers, and even a potting bench for storing potting supplies. These are some of the more commonly known means of storage or  organizing tools supplies, but they don’t always leave a good appearance.

Today, you have some modern innovative types of garden tool organizers that, in many cases, are made up of multiple types of pockets or compartments to give you an all-in-one organizer. This will give your garage, or storage area a nice organized, neat appearance.

WALL MOUNTED Garden Tool Organizers
All-In-One Organizer- This is a dark green vinyl coated poly-mesh type of material that has 8 deep pockets for storing rakes, shovels, brooms, and larger items, and 8 smaller pockets in the front that will hold smaller items such as, trowels, spades, and hand-clippers, or even a weed eater in place.
The Tool Center Kit-includes 2 aluminum panels, 1 lower and 2 upper shelves, holders, parts bins, J-hooks, multi-hook rail and pin hooks. You can get an extension kit that includes 1 aluminum panel, 1 lower shelf, more bins, holders, and J hooks as well as a paper towel holder.
EZ Wall Organizer- This is a wall mounted system that is less expensive and will keep your items looking neat. It has some adjustable shelves and hooks and clamps that attach to a green or white peg style board. It is steel constructed to not warp, or crack.

Perfect for Heavy Weedeaters

Heavy weed eaters can be held in place with a wall-mount plate and vertical storage hook that I found at amazon.com. It is called a Racor IVB-1R Interchange Walldock Vertical Storage Hook. It is very versatile and can hold bikes, and chain saws,weed wackers, and even golf clubs. A weed eater hook is very useful, and easily placed on a garage wall.

Specialty Tool Organizers and Garden Tool Racks

"Garden Tool Organizer for Racks and Hoes"

Garden Tool Organizing Rack- Red Cedar

Ultra-Hold Tool Organizer has gripping clamps that becomes stronger as the weight gets heavier. It comes in 4 or 8 hook models, with each hook able to hold various shapes of items up to 10 lbs. Each. Great for brooms and mops and all the new devices we now have in our homes.
Wall Mount Yard Tool Rack- This is a rack that sets 5” away from the wall and allows you to hang up to 12 yard tools. It will hold up to 120 lbs. of equipment. This is great for bulky items.
Bracket and Hooks for backyard garden shed- This consists of 3, 8” double hooks that will hold a total combined weight of 40 pounds.

FREE STANDING Tool Organizer
Tool Rack-Red Cedar, is a space saving tool holder for hoes, rakes, brooms, and shovels. It keeps your tools upright and easy to access in a compact space which can be easily located. It is made of solid cedar and has 12 individual compartments, with two sizes of holes for tools. It comes with or without casters.
Home Organizer-Box Storage Organizer-  They refer to boxes, but most people call them tubs. This system consists of heavy duty PVC panels that hook together to hold up to 12 storage bins (not included). It has a unique design that lets the bins slide in and out easily. The unit will hold up to 1200 pounds, but can also be mounted to the wall for extra stability. A great way to store your seasonal or seldomly used items.

Miscellaneous Tool Organizers and Racks

Family Car Organizer- This is an item that everyone who has a large family and travels a lot can use. It is a durable nylon fabric that has adjustable dividers, a reinforced lid that flips up and can even be secured with a seat belt. It has an adjustable strap and can be easily transported.

More Garden Tool Organizers

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