A Picnic Bench Table- Which One to Choose?

If you enjoy outdoor casual dining, you should consider a Picnic bench table.

As the weather of spring and summer approaches, we find that the outdoors beckons us outside. Children love to eat outside with their friends, play games, or work on their favorite hobbies or crafts. A garden picnic bench or bench picnic table will provide your family with a space for just such activities. The bench picnic table can be made of a variety of materials, such as: wood, metal, plastic, stone or concrete.

The most common material type is wood. Wood benches need to be protected from the weather since most will be outdoors. This protection can be achieved by having the wood stained, or water sealed or painted.

Bench Picnic Table

Wood tends to crack or warp due to its exposure to moisture. If left long enough the wood will rot. This would be the drawback to purchasing a wooden bench or table.

The plastic bench picnic table is another material that picnic tables are made of.  It is sometimes molded to a certain shape, is usually a lighter weight, and is less expensive than other bench materials. It requires virtually no maintenance.  To clean, simply wash with soap and water to maintain a clean surface. It can be moved around your yard and garden as needed. They also can be purchased in many bright colors. This is my overall favorite because I love all the colors they come in.

Next, would be the metal bench picnic table. Many times you will see this type in parks or recreation areas bolted down to prevent thief. Some metals are heavier but are very durable. Aluminum bench tables are actually lighter than many of the other materials and are great because of some of their special features.

The stone or concrete picnic bench table is the most durable of all. The drawbacks for these would be their higher prices and the fact that they are immobile and remain in a fixed place because of their weight.

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