A Recipe for Making Compost

Compost is a needed substance that you need to add into your yard or garden soil. Making your own compost is a lot easier than you may think. It is cheaper since you don’t have to buy and transport it to your yard. If you have never made compost before, here is a little recipe that may help you get started. You will definitely need to find an out of the way place where it is away from your house and preferably out of sight. If you don’t have a place that is out of the way, you may choose to plant some shrubs or vines around the spot, or in front of the compost area itself. Once you get your compost pile completed, you will be ready to use your potting bench to start potting and getting your garden ready. If  you are in the market for a potting bench, find a cedar potting bench. It is great and well worth the money. After this project you may want to try your hand at making compost tea.

Here is a simple recipe for making compost

1. Start with a layer of leaves. Make it about 6 inches or so deep, then wet the leaves down.

2. Sprinkle a cupful or two of bone meal, purchased from a store, over the layer, depending on the length and width of the first layer of leaves.

3. Add another 1 inch layer of leaves and sprinkle with water again.

4. Next, add a layer of agricultural lime.Making a Compost Pile

5. If you have access to stable manure, add a layer of this followed by a layer of garden soil.

6. Keep adding leaves, lime, bonemeal, manure and garden soil in alternate layers until the pile is 4 to 5 feet high. It will sink gradually as the materials heat and decompose.

7. Finish the pile with a layer of leaves and then water it again very well. Make a trough, or depression in the center of the heap to catch rainfall.

8. If natural rainfall is not sufficient, then wet the heap down at intervals of at least once a week. If the weather is hot, dry and windy, it may be necessary to apply water more often.

9. In about 6 months or so, the compost should be thoroughly decomposed and ready for use. Turning the heap occasionally will hurry up the process of decomposition but it is a lot work doing this, and can get a little smelly too. An alternative is to drive a stake in the center of the heap or use a power compost tiller if you have one to chop and mix the materials for you.

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