A Review of Solar Lights by Heartland America

Solar lights are the most effective and safest type of garden lights to install in your yard and garden areas. Solar garden lights can be installed just about anywhere because they run on the electricity that is absorbs into the photo cell censor from the sun and then disperses the light when the sun goes down. Garden lights are used mostly on decks, patios, gardens, gazebos, landscaping, and along sidewalks and driveways. Here is an overview of some of the solar light products found at Heartland America.

Stainless Steel Solar Lights

What kind of solar lights can you expect to find?

First, let's look at an 8 piece set of solar powered, stainless steel lights by Sol Mar. It is described as offering improved solar powered lights that has advanced light diffusing lenses. It is contemporary styled to fit any landscape. It uses LED lights that last up to 8 hours when charged. Contains a super bright LED that also has the light diffusing lens that makes it great for subtle lighting. The stainless steel post and top gives it a clean cut elegant appearance that will give you long lasting durability. Very reasonably priced, and sometimes if you are lucky you can get them at a great sale price.

Hanging carriage lanterns, features solar lights that glow at night and actually flicker like real candles. They are sold in pairs and each comes with a ground spike, a metal pole, and a shepherd’s hook for hanging the lantern. These should last up to 10,000 hours on the LED that it comes with. The height of these are listed at 28 ½ inches tall. A great buy, my favorite.

Heartland America also offers a unique product, a Coach light that is solar powered, has no wires and can be placed anywhere. It is almost 5 feet tall has clear lenses and a black post and spike. It comes as a pair, not just one. It has a rechargeable battery to store the energy. It normally sells for $77.00, but is frequently on sale for half the price. A very good deal indeed. This is a great product that I have not seen at other places.

If you are in need of outdoor motion lights, they have these too. Yes, they are solar powered lights. The lights come with a 36 LED lights that detect motion in an area of up to 235 square feet. A great safety feature to add to your outdoors. They can be placed directly on your house, or even on a gazebo or other garden structure that you might have in your yard or garden. It is sturdy and weather resistant and comes with mounting hardware. It has a movable solar panel that charges the battery to produce the light.

They also have a solar powered light that mounts on a wall or railing. It is more of a spotlight that comes on at dusk. It is not motion sensored. It has a 10,000 life hour expectancy for the LED light. This makes a great security light. that can be placed in places where you might not be able to place wiring. Great Buy!

You can't go wrong with purchasing solar lights for your yard or garden. They are economical and can be placed anywhere that you might need a little light, or in an area that doesn't have regular electrical wiring. This is especially true, if you have a pavilion, or a gazebo that you would like to place gazebo lights on. These structures may have been placed out a distance from the main electric source and would need an alternate source of power.

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