A Shade Gazebo-Is It Right for You?

A shade gazebo, or home gazebo is a great type of gazebo to own. You might wonder if it is the kind of gazebo that you might need for your yard and garden area. A backyard shade gazebo is made to provide shade over a particular area, depending on the size of the one you are interested in. The standard size is usually around a 10’x 10’ and comes in a square. Other sizes are also available, as is a rectangular shape for larger ones.

Shade gazebos are great for entertaining

The portable shade gazebo, or pop up gazebo, is portable and very lightweight. Because of the weight being very light, you will need to make sure that you have means of weighting it down on windy days or nights. This is easily done by using stakes that are hammered into the ground and are attached to each leg of the shade gazebo.

Some people have filled cans with concrete and attached them to the gazebo for added weight. This actually does a very good job at holding down the gazebo.

Quick shade gazebos, as well as canopy gazebos, are great because they are portable and can be taken down very easily. They are a good item to have if you like to go to the park or bench. They are great to take on vacation since they are lightweight.

An outdoor shade gazebo is relatively in-expensive and is usually made with a canvas type of material with lightweight aluminum poles for legs. They can be purchased in various colors, but the most popular ones are usually white, or green. Some of them even have striped side pieces that come down over the pole and connect to them.

Shade gazebos are weather resistant, but not completing waterproof. They are designed especially for keeping out the sun and providing shade to an area. Shade gazebos provide super areas for parties and any outdoor entertaining where you may need some extra shaded areas to stand or sit under. You might even consider placing a patio set or a few garden pots around to set off the occasion. It might to nice to know that you can purchase a gazebo cover for your gazebo it begins to fade or if the weather has damaged it.

This type of home gazebo offers shade and is very reasonably priced. If you are not wanting to add a more permanent gazebo, you might even consider a canvas gazebo or canopy gazebo. Gazebos are very popular in outdoor weddings, so keep that in mind if you or someone is planning an outdoor wedding.

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