Add an Outdoor Bench to Your Landscape

An outdoor bench can be the perfect piece to add to your yard or garden area. It may be a park bench in style or a backless bench. Outdoor benches come in many different forms. After all, you want your outside area to be as nice as the inside of your home. Benches have become very popular in our country over the last decade. More and more people are owning their own homes and have a little extra money, at times, to spend on sprucing up their outdoor spaces.

"Stylish Outdoor Bench"

Stylish Outdoor Bench

If you are a gardener who has a lovely garden, full of blooms, you don’t want to plant and not be able to sit back and gaze upon your handy work. Having a bench close to your garden or a walkway is the ideal place to put a bench. It is very relaxing to be able to go outdoors and sit and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Outdoor Bench Types

Choosing the right type of bench is important, since there are so many styles, and materials available. Many people want a bench, but are not quite sure what type to get.

"Park Bench"

Typical Park Bench

Outdoor Bench Materials

Benches can be made of metal, wood, plastic, aluminum, concrete and fiberglass, or stone. You will need to do some research and find out which type if best for your particular situation. Each type has its advantages and will come in various shapes from a curved bench to a standard park bench style. You will find there are many styles of outdoor benches to buy.

Wood benches are very nice if you have them in an area that is shaded somewhat from the elements. They should be stained or varnished and have an application of some type of sealer that will preserve the wood. This type of bench will sometimes need some maintenance done on it after a year or more.

Metal benches are usually very sturdy and heavy duty to withstand various types of weather conditions. They require little to no maintenance. The Aluminum bench is a good example of this type as is the cast iron outdoor bench.

"Portable Aluminum Folding Bench"

Portable aluminum folding bench

Plastic benches are usually a little less expensive, but can heat up in the hot summer sun, unless you have in under a nice shade tree. It is easily cleaned off, just by spraying it down.

Concrete benches are long lasting, heavy, and can be expensive. The drawback to this type of bench, is the fact they are hard and cold and not very comfortable. They may also come in many shapes such as the curved garden bench.

Fiberglass is a good material and can be a little pricey for anything that is outside of the traditional bench designs. You can find many unusual shapes and many different colors made of fiberglass.

*You will find more specific information on outdoor benches in the Benches category.

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