Add Yellow Plants to Your Yard or Garden

Yellow plants add so much color to a yard or garden. As spring approaches and we are tired of looking at the dull landscape we are always anxious to add color back into our garden. There are actually some yellow leaved plants and a multitude of plants that have yellow flowers on them. Yellow is one of the primary colors and adds so much when you mix it with the greens and vibrant reds and oranges that are so popular in summer beds.

If you have a canopy gazebo you can add yellow plants and flowers to draw your eye toward your gazebo. This is what you need to learn to do as a gardener, learning as you go along to use color in the landscape. Warm colors, such as yellows and oranges, add a feeling of warmth to a cool setting and makes focal points easy to obtain. You can purchase many yellow-flowered plants that will bloom in spring or summer months.

Spring bloomers

Spring blooming plants with yellow flowers would include the forsythias and of course, the yellow daffodil. There are so many beautiful daffodils to purchase. They need to be planted the fall before you want them to bloom. They bloom in the early spring season. They come in many varieties and colors and are just gorgeous pure tones of yellow, white, and mixed variations. Yellow daffodils come with many striking characteristics that other plants do not have. The trumpet of the flower is so different and unique to the daffodil family.

Yellow Plants

Summer offers up more choices because of the rising temperatures. These yellow plants include the most popular of all flowers, the rose. don't forget the yellow lilies, yellow dahlias, yellow gladiolas and yellow asters. If you like lilies, the yellow stella d’ore is so popular, and so easily grown that it is a staple at most garden centers everywhere.

I truly believe that yellow plants will enhance your garden, so be sure not to exclude them from your yard or garden plantings. There are many other varieties of yellow flowering plants that will give  you lasting color in your landscape.

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