All American Selections (AAS) 2012 Winners

AAS announces 2012 winners and best performers for 2012. This year the All American Selections has chosen four new winners in categories of vegetables, bedding plant, and flowering plant. Find a description with facts and information on each of the award winning plants.

Flower Category Winner: Ornamental

"Pepper Black Olive"

Pepper Black Olive

Pepper Black Olive- This is a heat resistant variety with an upright growth. It has dark purple-black fruit with leaves with a draping appearance. It has clusters of fruit along the stems. The pepper plant grows mature fruit in summer and will turn a red color that is striking against the bright purple flowers and dark purple foliage.

Bedding Plant Category Winner: 

"Summer Jewel Pink Salvia"

Salvia Summer Jewel Pink

Salvia, Summer Jewel Pink

Salvia is a great border plant and this year brings us yet another one. Another winner in the Summer Jewel Salvias, as Summer Jewel Red was also an AAS Winner. This years winner is a dwarf-sized, compact plant the produces prolific blooms during the entire growing season.  The salvia blooms earlier than most other pink salvias. This beauty also attracts hummingbirds to your garden, making this a sure winner in many areas.

Vegetable Category Winners:

"Pepper Cayenettea"

Pepper Cayenettea

Pepper, Cayennetta F1

This is a pepper that is easy to grow and has mildly spicy fruit that is very flavorful. The plant requires no staking and will produce 3 to 4 inch peppers from a plant that has excellent branching. This plant has a better cold tolerance than any of its predecessors. It has dense foliage which helps protects the peppers from extreme weather conditions.

"2012 AAS Winners"

Watermelon Faerie

Watermelon Faerie F1

This is a unique watermelon in that it has a thin-striped creamy yellow rind. The flesh is a pink-red with a good sweetness that is high in sugar. ‘Faerie’ also has a crisp texture and grows on vines that will spread up to 11 feet, which is less than most watermelon varieties. The fruit weighs up to 6 pounds and grows 7 to 8 inches. It will produce fruit during the entire season and has been found to be tolerant of most insects.

Congratulations to all these great plants for 2012. Gardeners are anxiously awaiting their appearance in nurseries this year.

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