Aluminum Plant- Facts and Information

Aluminum plants gets its name from the beautiful variegated leaves that is in shades of silver and deep green. The aluminum plant,Pilea cadierei, is very appealing to gardeners because they are so easy to grow. It is grown for its foliage and is used in dish gardens and terrariums. Place them in a terrarium with episcia or peperomia plants.

"Aluminum Plant"

Aluminum plant in hanging baskets

The plant grows to about 12” x 12”. It is a herbaceous plant that forms mounds. The plant is very easy to grow and does well with hanging baskets. All it requires is medium light as higher light sources will often burn the leaves. The plant will thrive in a temperature range of 60 to 70 degrees. It can tolerate higher temperatures if the humidity is above 60 %, but will not do well when exposed to low humidity.

Care of an Aluminum Plant

Always try to let the soil dry out slightly between waterings, but don’t let the soil get so dry that the plant begins to droop. With a small root system, aluminum plant seldom need to be re-potted. Feed with foliage plant food according to label directions during the active growing season. Don’t feed at all in winter. Pinch regularly to keep the plant shrubby. When the plant begins to get leggy, start a new plant to replace the old one. Frequent showers will keep pests off of the plant. The plant may exhibit brown leaves from low humidity and yellow leaves from too much water.

*Tip- When an aluminum plant starts to get leggy and becomes unappealing you can, simply cut back the leggy stems to rejuvenate the plant, or take cuttings to start new plants.

"Aluminum Plant in a Terrarium"

Aluminum Plant does great in terrariums

Propagation of an Aluminum Plant

Aluminum plants are propagated by taking stem cuttings and by division.

Pests and Diseases of an Aluminum Plant

Spider mites can be a problem in low humidity and will cause the leaf edges to brown. Mealybugs and scale may also appear.

*Poisonous Parts: Parts of the aluminum plant can be poisonous if it is ingested

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