An Informative Guide to Purple Tulips

Purple Tulips are a great addition to your home or garden. Tulips have always been a very popular flower and ones that have been admired from generation to generation. This article will give you some information and facts on purple tulips, and give you some ideas on how they can be used in your home or garden. Tulips have a long history that started long ago. The Netherlands is known for growing beautiful tulips and selling their bulbs around the world. They are the primary exporters of tulips and other bulbs.

Choosing the right variety of Tulip and learning how to plant and care for tulips can be a bit of a challenge since there are so many types and varieties that are available. Purple tulips can be found in various shades and in many different varieties. The Tulips genus contains 109 different species of tulips. Tulips belong to a bulbous group of plants that belong to the Tulipa genus. Many tulips are actually hybrid cultivars that are grown in home gardens, as well as pot plants, and as cut flowers. You will find many species that are easily grown in your area.

Purple Tulips

Growing Purple Tulips

Growing purple tulips can be very rewarding. There is something special about growing your own flowers and being able to cut them and bring them in to admire. Purple tulips, as well as many of the others, are quite easy to care for once they are planted. Most cultivars are taken from Tulipa gesneriana.

The color purple denotes romanticism and royalty. Each year there are many new varieties of stunning and unique color combinations that always seem to exceed our expectations. Whether you are a purist or someone who like something a little more exotic, you are sure to find that purple tulips will fill the bill. Most tulips will maintain their color well, outdoors in the garden or indoors in an arrangement.

Purple tulips bulbs can be purchased for planting in your garden or outdoor planters. If you are looking to purchase an arrangement of purple tulips or an arrangement that includes purple tulips along with other flowers, they can be purchased easily on line. Some florist might have trouble getting tulips at certain times of the year, so it is good to keep in mind that some florists and companies specialize in carrying certain types of tulips and certain colors throughout the year.

Purple Tulip Arrangement

Tulip Varieties for Purple Flower Arrangements

Purple Tulip arrangement will always brighten the day and shows how much someone means to you. You can’t go wrong with purchasing flowers. There is nothing better than receiving fresh flowers, whether it is a special occasion or if they are a “just because” gift.
One of the award winning tulips, and one of my favorites in the giant category, is the “Passionale” tulip. This gorgeous purple tulip is a longtime favorite in Holland. It has large, lush bloom in rich color tones that will enhance any garden or indoor display. It has deep purple flames that accent huge, 5” lilac purple blooms on strong, 16-18” stems.

Another favorite is "Queen of the Night". this tulips is so dark it is almost black. This color goes great with just about any shade of tulip if you are planting them. For arrangements, the same is true. You will find purple tulips in shades of dark purple, reddish purple, purple, purple and white, and purple and red. Many of the purple varieties grow in Mid to Late season.

Purple Tulip- Favorite Varieties

Here are the names of some of the popular purple varieties:  Tulipa Black Hero, Tulipa Andre Rieu, Tulipa Black Parrot, Tulipa Blue Heron, Tulipa Texel Blues, Tulipa Abigail, Tulipa Blue Bell, Tulipa Baby blue, Tulipa Purple Rain, Tulip Purple Lady. There are many more varieties of purple tulips and ones with various combinations of colors.

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