April Garden Calendar for the MIdwest

Your April Garden Calendar for the midwest is filled with garden tasks to get you ready for spring planting. Find April tasks that will suggest ways to care for your flowers, lawns, trees and shrubs, vegetable and fruit garden, and a few tasks for caring for your houseplants. Spring is a great time of the year for gardeners to get outdoors into their yard and garden and enjoy their gardening once again.

"April Garden Calendar for the Midwest"

April Garden Calendar


  • You should cut back all old growth on your perennials.
  • Examine your landscape and mark gaps that can be filled later with bulbs.
  • Mulch should be removed from your perennials.
  • Spring bulbs should be fertilized.
  • Time to divide perennials.
  • New roses can be planted.
  • Older rose bushes can be pruned and fertilized.
  • You can plant annuals started from seeds and transplants.
  • DO NOT remove foliage from bulbs this is their food for next year.


  • Aerate if soil is compacted or the thatch is heavy.
  • Cool season lawns can be fertilized with a slow release type of fertilizer.
  • Add soil to empty spots in your lawn and over seed them.
  • Mow your lawn with bluegrass to 2” and tall fescue to 3”.
  • You should use some type of crabgrass control in the later part of the month.
  • Broadleaf weeds, such as chickweed, dandelions, and henbit, can be spot treated as needed.
  • Don’t water unless necessary


Sharpen your mower blade and any other tools that are in need of maintenance so they will be ready when you are.


  • DO NOT spray blooming fruit trees with insecticides as it will kill pollinating insects.
  • If you have flowering shrubs, such as lilac and forsythia, be sure to prune after they have flowered not before.
  • Repair any damage done to shrubs or trees during the winter and prune as needed.
  • Time to plant new shrubs and trees.
  • Keep your new shrubs and trees watered
  • It is okay to fertilize your young trees
  • You can begin to apply mulch around your plants.


Time to Plant:

  • onions, beets, and carrots
  • new fruit trees
  • asparagus and rhubarb
  • In late spring- corn, beans, and any vine crops

Time to Prune:

  • Prune fruit trees if not already pruned
  • Prune raspberries and blackberries
  • You should thin your vegetables as needed.

Other April Garden Tasks:

  • Remove any of the orange, jelly-like gall from cedars as it contaminates fruit trees.
  • Asparagus can be harvested until they decrease in size.
  • Mulch should be removed from your strawberries.
  • Transplant broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower into the garden.
  • You can fertilize and add any types of additives that you need to improve soil.
  • Cultivate to control weeds.


  • Time to rinse off your indoor house plants with warm water to remove dust.
  • Propagate house plants by taking cuttings or divided according to species recommendations.
  • Repot any of your plants as needed and remember to only repot up to an inch larger sized pot.
  • DO NOT take plants outdoors until the night temperature is well over 60 degrees.

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