Are You Considering Putting in a Deck?

Decks are a great addition to any yard or garden. There are many different styles of decking, so be sure to check out all of your options before you decide on any one deck style. Putting down decking can provide a nice area for entertaining. You can even add some patio lighting or gazebo lights as accents. Decks also offer a place for placing container planters for those who don’t have a yard or garden.

Decks can be made from bricks or stone, but they tend to give a more formal appearance. Wood decking is the ideal material for an informal but attractive deck. Decking does very well for verandas and pool side, because the wood surface is warm to the touch and pleasant to walk on in bare feet. It can also be used to create different levels, without having to rely on the natural slope of the yard.

Classical decking uses 4-in, 6-in, or 8-in wooden boards laid in parallel strips on a base of bearers and joists. A simple deck is easy to build, but you can also buy systems that interlock to form different styles and shapes, using boards set out in diagonal lines and other patterns. Most decks use natural woods that blend into their surroundings, but a colored deck can make a striking display.

When you are choosing the site for a deck, try to avoid any damp areas of the garden. Timbers can easily become slippery and dangerous in damp conditions. Check how open the site is and whether there are many overhanging trees. Before building the deck, you will need to clear off the site and get it leveled.

Measuring Your Area

To decide on how much wood you will need, first measure the length of the site. This will give you the measurements of the weight bearers, which must be supplied in single lengths. Then, measure the lengths for the joists, which run perpendicular to the bearers.

For the finished decking, measure the total area (length by width) and divide by the whole board width. Your best option will be to purchase treated wood. Also, remember that although your boards may be 4 inches, they could will measure much less than that. So, measure the pieces of wood at the store and make sure you allow for these differences.

Most lumber yards or garden home stores carry timber that is suitable for your deck. Decking is very easy to put down. I would recommend that you use screws on your decking as, nails will come out with the weather changes and could also rust. If you do use nail, use galvanized ones that will not rust.

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