Ariens Snowblower – Two Stage Snowblower Models

Purchasing an Arien Snowblower is the perfect solution to your snow removal needs. Ariens Compact ST24LE (24”) 205cc two stage snow blower is equipped with a powerful 205cc Ariens Polar force engine. It is made by Briggs and Stratton and will throw snow anywhere from 3 ft. To 4o ft. distances. It is equipped with six speed drive and two reverse speeds and is a very durable and powerful machine. (A list of other models are listed below so you can look up and compare specs).

The Ariens snowblower also has a 205 degree chute radius that will direct the snow away from driveways and walkways with ease. It has a quick turn design that facilitates quick and easy turns. It has a 120 volt electric start w/recoil that is a great feature to have since you only have to push a button for a quick start. No bending over and pulling strings to start the engine.

"Ariens Snowblower"

Ariens Compact ST24LE

The Ariens snowblower has a powder coated steel construction that will withstand salt, sleet and and snow better than some of the competitors that use plastic or aluminum construction materials.

It also includes a mounted headlight that is a 20W MR16 sealed halogen beam lamp, sealed in a rubberized housing, with an adjustment to move the light up to 36 degrees.

The Ariens is built to last and has a 3 year limited warranty. This is much longer than most companies give to their customers.

The specs on the Ariens boasts a 4-cycle OHV Briggs & Stratton engine and holds 2.9 quarts of fuel. The chute is made of steel and the drive system is Disc-0-matic with an aluminum gear case. It also features treaded 13” x 4” tires.

Other Ariens Snowblower Two Stage Models:

Ariens Compact ST26LE (26”) 249cc

Ariens Compact ST22LE (22”) 208cc

Ariens Deluxe Platinum ST24DLE (24”) 249cc

Ariens Deluxe Platinum ST30DLE (30”) 342cc

Ariens Deluxe ST28LE (28”) 249cc

*You will find Ariens snowblowers online from various dealers. Check out the specs on each model to find the model right for your snow removal jobs. Snowblower Direct has many of these models available as well as other companies that carry Ariens Snowblower equipment.

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