Arrowhead Plant- What is an Arrowhead Plant?

The Arrowhead plant, what exactly is an arrowhead plant? The Arrowhead plant, Syngonium podophyllum (Nephthytis) is a herbaceous plant that has lush, arrowhead-shaped foliage. It is often grown as a house plant and used in hanging baskets. Find facts and information on growing and caring for the arrowhead plant.

"Arrowhead Plant"

The Arrowhead plant is an excellent houseplant.

Arrowhead Plant facts The arrowhead plant, is also known as, arrowhead vine, and nephthytis. The arrowhead plant is a well loved plant that has variegated silvery-green arrowhead-shaped leaves. The plant will grow from 1-3’ high by 6’ wide. The arrowhead plant or vine, is a herbaceous plant with an trailing, upright form, with a medium texture. The arrowhead plant grows fast and is most often used in hanging baskets and as foliage accents and plant textures. It is also on the poisonous plant list because it contains syngonium which is classified as an irritant.

The arrowhead vine has lush foliage that is a long time favorite because of its fairly carefree nature. The leaves will retain their variegation in medium and low light. It does well in the artificial light of an office but is more compact and shrubby in higher light. Low light makes the plant more leggy, so it is important to have the correct amount of light. It performs well as a house plant in average home temperatures of 60-75 degrees, with the humidity being above 30 per cent. *Tip- The humidity can be raised by providing a peeble tray with water, or by using a room humidifier.

Growing and Caring for Arrowhead Plants When grown in low light, you should allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings; in medium light keep the oil somewhat moist. Avoid soggy soil as it will cause the plant to rot. Repotting is seldom needed. Feed with foliage plant food three times in summer. Because the plant is naturally vining, pinching it often will help keep it compact and shrubby. To train it to a moss pole, pin the aerial roots tot he pole and keep the pole moist. Try to remove the occasional faded leaf.

Propagation of Arrowhead- This can be propagated easily by stem tip cuttings or by division.

Pests and Diseases- Arrowhead vine may have scale, mealybugs, and spider mites. *Tip- Giving them monthly showers will help control spider mites.

Related Species: The arrowhead plant has many cultivars with gold, light green, cream, and white markings. Several cultivars have pinkish variegation on the leaves, which lose their blush in lower light. New cultivars are less vining and more compact.

Note: Broadleaf arrowhead, Sagittaria latifolia, is a different species that is often used as bog plants. It grows well in shallow water. It is often referred to as Arrowhead water plants.

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