Attic Flooring- What’s Available?

Attic flooring can transform your attic into usable space. There are many materials available to choose from for you attic flooring needs. To choose the correct flooring you will need to assess the present condition of your attic. Attic flooring is put in to provide a sturdy foundation for your attic space. These are some ideas to help you with your attic flooring project. The first thing you will need to decide is what you are going to use your attic for. If you are refinishing it for a spare bedroom, or as an extra storage area.

Before you begin your project, you should make sure that your attic is insulated with insulation. This regulates the temperature in the attic and is a step that you should not skip over.

Type of Attic Flooring

A fairly new product on the market is ‘Attic Dek’. This is a type of plastic that creates an interlocking system that can be put down easily with ordinary wood screws ( Details Below). This product is sturdy and will give you a good foundation for your floor. This product can be found at many of the larger home improvement stores. Home Depot flooring is certainly an option to check. Be sure to call around and find where you can purchase this product.

If you are only using the area for storage, you can use chipboard or plywood for your flooring base. Plywood is fairly inexpensive and can be purchased easily. The sheets of plywood can be cut to size so that you will have a nice, level floor to walk on. This type of flooring will not be as durable as the Attic Dek and may not hold a lot of heavy weight on it.

Other options include vinyl laminate flooring, vinyl flooring that looks like wood, and foam mat flooring. Other types of rugs and carpeting can also be purchased. Make sure that whatever you decide to use will not be a fire hazard in your attic. Always have your attic wiring checked out before you put anything over them.

Also, be sure to measure your area correctly to make sure you can get the pieces of wood and materials through the opening that you have. Some homeowners may have a large opening, more like a door, but most will have only a trap door style opening.

If you don’t already have an attic ladder, or a safety rail, leading up to your attic, that would be something that I would suggest you add first before putting in a floor. You may also need to install some attic ventilation to keep down risks of fire. Adding an attic ventilator wil solve this problem.

You will also need to make sure to plan for walls and spaces for storage, as well as ceiling and room insulation, if you are planning to redo your attic to use as an extra bedroom. Don’t forget there are building codes that you will need to follow if this is a DIY attic flooring project that you are doing yourself. Get all the facts before you start and be safe.

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