ATV Snowblower- Which One is the Best?

If you own an ATV and live where you get a significant snowfall each year, you should consider buying an ATV snowblower or a snowblower attachment for your vehicle. This article will give you some valuable information on different kinds of snowblowers for atv's. Having a snowblower around when you need to dig out of your driveway or road, is simply priceless. You will definitely be the local hero with this piece of equipment. Finding the best one will depend on the power and size you are looking for, as well as your price range. Atvs are great at being able to add attachments to change its function and get the most out of your atv equipment.

Finding ATV Attachments

If you own a Polaris, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Arctic Cat, or a Yamaha, you should be able to find a snowblower that can be easily attached to your ATV.

Some popular types:  Bercomax or Berco snowblower, Snow Hogg snowblower, Kimpex snowblower, and a Polaris snowblower. Each of these brands of ATV snowblower will give you a quality snowblower attachment for your ATV or UTV.  The main thing you need to remember, is to make sure the snowblower will fit your make and model.

Many types of snowblowers have kits that can be attached to your ATV and the snowblower itself. Some snowblowers use under carriage mounting hardware to secure the attachment of a snowblower. They are fairly easy to install yourself. On some models,you can add ready fit ATV snowblower attachments and accessories. ATV snowblower attachments will be from 50 to 62 inches wide. Most of them will come with universal mounting hardware that will attach to the under carriage.
You will find ATV snowblowers in single and dual-stage models.

Single stage snowblowers-This is an overview of some of the brands of snowblowers that are available. Which one will be the best will be up to you. You will find that each brand will offer similar products. Each brand may also have a feature that will be the one that you want on your ATV snowblower. Many have some neat safety features that you might want to check out when you are trying to narrow down the competition.

50” snowblower- ATV snow blower accessory quads uses a single auger style attachment, and features an adjustable chute that moves snow 15’ to 20’, a wider, belt-drive auger and impeller, plus an independent front attached motor assembly that also runs along the under-carriage or chassis rails. This will be equivalent to a 17 1/2hp Briggs & Stratton engine.
Some snowblowers will have a winch-operated controller that allows you to raise or lower the ATV snow platform so it can be regulated for varying terrains.
You should make sure that you have quality under-carriage mounting hardware on a steel frame,or a separate frame to bear the load of your snowblower. Some ATV snowblowers can be well over 390 lbs.

Dual Stage ATV Snowblower
These are the most popular types of snowblowers. You will find that each company will sell their own brand, with many of them fitting many different ATV models.

Bercomac Snowblower

Bercomac Snowblower
The Bercomac dual stage features a 15”impeller that has 4 blades that enable it to throw snow for long distances.
“The Prestige” Snowblower- model #700360 features a 54” wide clearing path, and a 23hp Kohler engine that is also equipped with a de-icing kit. All controls are regulated from a saddle, complete with controls including the ignition, throttle,choke, electric PTO, electric chute rotation and deflector.

The Prestige model #700360-7 has an improved hitch system that uses the same hitch as the new utility vehicle snowblower, the 72” snowblower attachment, and the 4 wheeler snow thrower. Connects a 1 7/8” hitch to the 1 7/8 “ ball on your machine. Some options will extend your subframe for longer machines.
Berco has many other models in varying price ranges that should be checked out. New for winter 2010 is the 72” model snowblower attachment.
These snowblowers will not pull down the front of your ATV because it has adjustable springs. It throws snow 80 ft. Great machine!

Snow Hogg-ATV snowblower attachment

Snow Hogg ATV Snowblower

This features a 42” dual stage snowblower with a 13hp Honda engine. It has an electric PTO blower. It has a special system to help carry the weight of the snowblower so that no more than 30-40 pounds is ever placed on your ATV frame. It raises up to 4 inches off the ground. The units come preassembled and adjusted. The initial hook up time is about 1 ½ hours for the first time only. Weighs 394 lbs.
Kimpex snowblowers are custom ordered and shipped via truck freight. Offers on this brand includes a 48” and a 54” snowblower widths.

To find the best snowblower for your situation, be sure to check out all of the info you can, so that you can make the best choice. Even if you own a John Deere snowblower, a J.D. snowblower attachment, or a murray snowblower, you can still find companies that carry quality parts and accessories.

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