Bamboo Torches for Outdoor Fun

Bamboo torches are the perfect touch to any outdoor party or tropical event. Adding a little soft glow from a bamboo torch or tiki light will liven up the party and add a little touch of the tropics to your outdoor fun. Bamboo torches come in many different sizes. You can purchase table top kinds that measure around 14 inches and taller, standing varieties that range in heights from 36, to 60, to 72 inches tall.

"Bamboo Torches"

Bamboo Torches for a Tropical Touch

Some bamboo torches have a container on the top of the bamboo pole that contains the liquid fluid that has a wick inside of it. All you have to do is to simply place a flame to the wick and you have a brilliant light that will make you think you are on a tropical island. You may also purchase bamboo torches that are actually solar lights that absorbs the light from the sun.

This type does away with all of the messes types that contain fluid. Many homeowners prefer the fluid types as it has a large flame that looks more authentic. However, if you are just wanting a light and the tropical look, then the solar bamboo torches will most likely be your choose.

You will find that not only will your bamboo torches add the pizazz of the tropics to your party, but will serve as great outdoor garden lights which will enable you to have your party outdoors and give you that special little tropical touch to your party.

"Solar Bamboo Torches"

Solar Bamboo Torches

Lighting up the outdoors has been around for a long time and has grown widely in popularity as more and more people are owning their own homes and doing outdoor entertaining as well. Having guests over and cooking out is a lot of fun and many people are getting into the swing of partying outdoors when the weather is nice.

"Bright Colored Bamboo Torches"

Brightly colored bamboo torches

Try adding a little more of the tropics to your party or outdoor event by putting up lanterns and string lights. You can add to the festivities by adding grass skirts, pineapple dishes and other Hawaiian types of food and decor. There are many wonderful recipes online for cooking and decorating with a tropical theme. Don't forget the yummy tropical drinks that can be made from pineapple juice and coconut juice, and many other tropical flavors as well.

You can add to the occasion by providing tropical music to the background of your party, as well as table decorations and tropical props such as tiki masks and fish nets and shells. Use your imagination and you will have a great party.

You might also choose to have some citronella lanterns to use, especially if the mosquitoes are bad. If you really want to impress your guests, build a tiki bar, complete with a bamboo tiki bar set and other tropical props.

Some great ideas for party games and tropical decor for your Luau or beach party, can also be found to help your guests get into the swing of your tropical atmosphere. Your yard and garden can be transformed into an island paradise by implimenting and places a few important pieces into the surrounding area.

There are many stores that sell items ranging from palm trees to coconut and pineapple table decorations to hula skirts and recipes for some fancy tropical drinks. Don’t be afraid to reach out and try some of these neat ideas. You will have fun doing them, and your guests will appreciate and enjoy all of your effort as well. Aloha!

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