Becoming Familiar with Yellow Plants

Let’s get acquainted with some of the most popular yellow plants. Yellow plants add warmth and brightness to any yard or garden or outdoor design. There are so many beautiful plants with yellow leaves and with yellow flowers. I hope this will help you become familiar with some of your choices and give you a quick look at some of your options.

Yellow Plants and Yellow Flowering Plants

Roses-The yellow rose plant is one of the most beautiful roses. All roses require a lot of sun and should be watered well in the summer months and mulched well in colder climates. They will need pruning at various times and fertilizing often.

Mums-This yellow flowered plant is an autumn blooming plant and is best planted in the spring if you live in colder climates. It is a perennial and very easy to grow. This plant is very often sold in container plantings that are sold as flower gifts and can even be grown indoors.

Marigolds-Yellow flowered marigold plants are planted in spring and will bloom throughout the summer season and even into the fall. They are very bright, but have a very strong smell. Yellow marigolds can be grown from seeds and requires full sun to do their best. They like good garden loam, moist and well drained.

Yellow Marigolds

Gladiolas-Yellow gladiolas are usually in the form of corms that are planted in the spring or through out the summer months. They bloom in the summer when the temperatures are nice and warm. For continuing blooms, try to space your plantings 2 weeks apart. Gladiolas are hardy only in zones 8 to 11. They grow in zones 6 and 7 but usually have to be replanted yearly.

Daffodils-Yellow daffodils are bulbs and are planted in the fall for bloom the next spring. They are long lasting and will multiply. As they grow they will produce clumps of yellow flowering blooms. When these get too large, they can be sub-divided and planted in different locations.

Forsythia-The yellow forsythia plant is actually an ornamental shrub. It is one of the early spring flowering shrubs that are full of tiny yellow flowers all along the stems of the shrub. The flowers will develop before the leaves come back on the shrub. The shrub itself can become very wiry and wild if not pruned back each year or so. They can reach up to 8 ft. In height and prefer sunny locations.

Sunflower-Yellow sunflowers exit prolifically in the prairie states. So, if you live in these areas you will have no trouble adding the colorful sunflower to a corner of your yard. They grow well against fences and get very tall. The center of some sunflowers have patterns of seeds that can be roasted to eat.

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