Blue Fescue- Facts and Information

Blue fescue, Festuca glauca, is a cool-season clumping, evergreen grass. It is also an ornamental grass that stands out because of its blue-silver foliage, and wispy flowers. You will find helpful facts and information on Blue Fescue and how to grow and care for this neatly tufted grass.

"Blue Fescue"

Blue Fescue (Fescue glauca)

Facts on Blue Fescue

Blue fescue is a popular type of grass that is used as accent plants, ground covers, and container plants.

It grows in Zones 4- 8 and reaches a height of 6-10” high by 12-14”wide. It is an excellent ground cover for well-drained, sunny areas. Blue fescue forms tufts that have a very fine texture. I have also seen blue fescue used as garden edging plants to help divide flower beds without using man-made edging materials.

Growing Blue Fescue

Plant blue fescue in sun to very light shade in a place that is well drained and has good air circulation. It is especially attractive as a ground cover or among rocks. The flowers are showy when they are massed together, but not as much when only one or two are planted. It goes well with Missouri evening primrose (Oenothera missouriensis).

"Blue Fescue Elijah Blue"

Fescue glauca 'Elijah Blue'

The plants should be spaced 12” apart. Mulch around them to preserve moisture. You can cut them back from fall to early spring to encourage new growth. Blue fescue is sometimes short-lived, depending on which Zone you live in.

Propagation of blue fescue is much the same as with Blue Sheep fescue, they may be started from seeds or you can divide the mature plant every 3 years and replant them. You will find that most fescues, as is this one, generally free of pests.

Related species: F. Glauca ‘Elijah Blue’, which has silver-blue foliage and grows 8” tall is is much longer-lived than the species itself. ’Tom Thumb’ is a miniature growing fescue that will get only 5” tall.

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