Blue Mist Spirea (Caryopteris x clandonensis) Bluebeard

Blue mist spirea, Bluebeard (Caryopteris x clandonensis) produces showy blue flowers in late summer. Get Blue mist spirea facts and Information and find out how to grow and care for this shrub. Bluebeard is a deciduous shrub that is often used in shrub borders, perennial borders, and as an informal hedge.

"Blue Mist Spirea"

Blue Mist Spirea

Growing Blue Mist Spirea Varieties 

Caryopteris x clandonensis varieties grow primarily in Zones 6-9. They grow 2-3’ h x 2-4’ w. with a mounded form. Bluebeard shrubs can be used individually or massed. The showy blue flowers appear in late summer- a rare color for this time of year. The gray-green leaves provide a fine backdrop. In the colder regions of its range, Bluebeard dies back to the ground each winter.

Plants that have been cut back will have a slow start in spring. It prefers a loose, loamy soil and full sun, but tolerates alkaline conditions often found near a foundation. Blue mist spireas have a tolerance of dry, alkaline soils which makes it a good choice for xeriscape gardens. It is also suitable for rock gardens and other hot, dry sites.

"Caryopteris x clandonensis"

Bluebeard stem and flower

Blue Mist Spirea Care

Plant container-grown plants in late winter or spring. Choose a sheltered position such as near a sunny wall or a fence in colored zones. The Bluebeard plant is fairly drought tolerant and usually does not require supplemental watering after establishment. Avoid excessive fertilization, which results in rampant growth. This plant is best treated like a herbaceous perennial and should be cut back in late winter, even in warmer climates where it does not die back. This will keep it compact and will increase blooms, which will appear on new wood.

"Bluebeard Plant"

Bluebeard as border shrubs

Propagation is done by taking softwood cuttings in early summer. They may be divided in early spring and should be replanted immediately.

Pests and Diseases do not seriously effect the Bluebeard shrub.

Related Species:

‘Dark Knight’ is a compact grower with silvery-gray foliage and deep purple-blue flowers.

‘Ferndown’ has dark blue flowers and good plant form.

‘Heavenly Blue’ has light blue flowers and compact growth.

‘Worchester Gold’ has bright yellow-green foliage, which sets off the violet-blue flowers.

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