Cafe Shutters-Types and Styles Available

Cafe shutters are available in many types and styles. My prospective is from the outside looking in. As a homeowner, you are naturally concerned with having your privacy. With so many homes being built closer and closer together, it is necessary to have windows that can let in light, look great, and give you the privacy you need.

"Cafe Shutters"

Cafe shutters

What are Cafe Shutters?

Cafe shutters only cover the lower portion of an inside window. They are designed to cover the lower half of a window. The top portion of the window is open so the light can come while the bottom portion can either be opened or closed. When cafe shutters are hung over double hung windows, they will normally come to just about half way up, where the two portions come together, but custom cafe shutters can be ordered to any height or width that you need.

Cafe shutters are designed with the smaller sized louvers or slats. This size does better for smaller spaces. Normal Plantation shutters, for instance, are made of much wider louvers than the cafe styles. You may choose your shutters to be decorative shutters that can add color and style to any area of your home. This is usually done by adding details around the shutters. They may also be painted a lively color to match your existing room decor.

"Decorative Cafe Shutters"

Decorative Cafe Shutters

When choosing the size that you need, you will only have to deal with measuring the width of the panels. Most windows are standard sized, so it is a little easier to get shutters that fit very well. The most popular types of cafe shutters are traditional and colonial styles.

Cafe shutters have movable slats and lovers that can be opened to let in light or closed completely so that nothing can be seen inside your home. They are less expensive than many other types of shutters, since they only cover a portion of your window.

Some homeowners like to leave the shutter only on their window, while others prefer to add a small colorful valance to the top window. You can use just about any fabric for a valance. Many designs and patterns, as well as solid colors can add a special touch to any type of home decor.

"Stained Cafe shutters"

Stained Cafe Shutters

Types of Materials and Finishes

Shutters, as well as cafe shutters, are made from wood, poly, or vinyl. The price will depend on the material they are made of. You will have the option of buying stock shutters or custom made shutter units. They can be pre-finished, or you can purchase some that you can refinish yourself.

If you choose wooden shutters, you have the option of staining or painting the shutters. Most people prefer a natural stain, or white paint on their shutters. With unfinished shutters, you will have the option of doing whatever you wish.

"White Cafe Shutters"

White Cafe Shutters

There are many manufacturers of quality shutters. Each company will have their own brand of shutters that are made of different qualities of materials.

Do some research and find out which ones will give you the best value and look that you want to see, both from the inside as well as outside your home.

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