Caring for Your Trees

Caring for your trees,while not getting in the way of your canopy gazebo or any other high structures in your yard and garden, is of extreme importance. Your pre-existing garden structures should not be forgotten when you are planning on adding more trees. The care and maintenance of pre-exiting trees, should not be a problem.

Newly planted trees should need little work and will look after themselves if you have selected and planted carefully, and approximately for your garden and its micro-climate. Trees are a big part of your overall outdoor designs. Make sure the tree has enough water in the growing season. Try to keep weeds and grass from its base so that nothing takes away vital nutrients.

Pruning of Trees

Research has shown that grass, in particular, can retard the growth of young trees. It is best to mulch the base of the tree in the early years. After that time, it is worth under planting with shade-tolerant ground cover, such as periwinkle (Vinca), or some type of spreading evergreen perennial. You can carry out simple pruning on your tree, but do this only when it is strictly necessary. It is important to make sure that while planting your trees around a canopy gazebo, for instance, that you allow enough room for the trees to not overshadow the canopy gazebo.

Mature trees are an irreplaceable asset to your yard and garden, although you may not think so if your garden is heavily shaded. It is really worth creating your garden around the tree, as far as possible-it will develop its own unique character in it own way.

An old tree may develop problems. These can pose safety risks, especially near your house, where roots may damage foundations or falling branches-or even the tree itself. If you are lucky enough to have a large amount of land, it may be worth allowing your tree to regain its own health, providing that it poses no danger. A tree can decay naturally in some parts but remain perfectly healthy in other parts.

When a tree is young, you can undertake formative pruning. This pruning will help it to develop into a strong mature tree with a beautiful form. If you have a tropical tree, its trunk and branches will grow quickly, so it is important to prune it correctly in the first few years. With evergreens, however, little pruning is necessary, other than removing damaged, dead, or crossing branches. There are various methods of pruning ornamental trees to achieve different effects.

Trees are a great asset to outdoor designs as well as adding shade and landscaping benches and your canopy gazebo if you are lucky enough to have one. Caring for your trees is something that we need not neglect. Just think what it would be like without them.

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