Carls Patio Furniture

Carls Patio Furniture features exquisite, designer quality outdoor patio furniture. When it comes to choosing patio furniture for your yard and garden, your  sure to find what you are looking for at Carls Patio Furniture. They carry only top of the line ,stylish, and elegant patio furniture. Carls is one of the top rated patio furniture sites in the country and has stores in Florida and California. Their furniture may also be purchased online and delivered fast and easily. This company is customer oriented and is committed to satisfying their customers by bringing them the best quality and top of the line brands of patio furniture available.

Carls Patio Furniture is truly luxurious, both in style and design. You will find top brands such as, Gloster, Woodard, Kingsley-Bate, and many others. They specialize in aluminum, teak, wicker, and wrought iron patio furniture. This is an overview of the brands and collections in each type of material.

"Carls Aluminum Patio Furniture"

Aluminum Patio Furniture 'Pacific'

Carls Aluminum Patio Furniture

Aluminum furniture is popular because it is light weight, durable, and will not rust. Carls carries many brands and collections in aluminum such as:

Woodward, which features collections by the name of Baja, Fremont, Beldon Sling, Pacific, Cayman Isle, Ramsgate, Cortland, Sheridan Sling, Old Gate Cast, Chateau, Hacienda, and Vera Cruz.

Other brands available in aluminum are Maxis, Ovall, Embassy, and Summer Winds.

Carls Teak Patio Furniture

"Carls Teak Patio Furniture"

Teak Patio Furniture 'Mandalay'

Teak is one of the best types of wood for any type of furniture. It is able to withstand humidity and other outdoor weather conditions. It is known for its silvery patina that it develops over time if it is left untreated. Carls Patio Furniture offers many brands made of teak as well.

Kingsley-Bate if the brand that offers many collections such as the Algarve, Amalfi, Ibiza, Ipanema, Mandalay, Nantucket,Tiburon, and Tivoli.

Other quality brands of teak include: Greenwich Point, Jib, and Sequoia.

"Carls Wicker Patio Furniture"

Wicker Patio Furniture 'Bungalow'

Carls Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker is a woven resin and vinyl type of material that is very popular and is used for both indoor and outdoor furniture collections. Carls carries styles in both traditional and contemporary designs.

You will find great brands available in Teak by such companies as, Biscayne, Bungalow, Carmel by Kingsley-Bate, Evolve, Grand Shores, Latitudes, Montego Bay, Sea Grove, Shelter Island, South Beach, Sun Chasers and Tuku.

Carls Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

"Carls Wrought Iron Patio Furniture"

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture 'Terrace Sling'

Carls patio offers great brands and collections in their wrought iron furniture that features the latest in technologies that produces quality, corrosive free hand wrought or blacksmith forged wroght iron products. Wrought iron is heavier than other types of furniture and is great for areas that get a lot of wind.

The Woodward brand dominates this category and offers many great collections that are stylish in design and shape. The Woodward collections consist of, Briarwood, Maddox, Aurora, Sheffield, Terrace Cushion and Terrace Sling.

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