Grass and Ornamental Grasses

Four Ways to Plant Grass

There are four main ways to plant grass in your yard or garden area. The method you choose will be determined by your yard and garden landscape. The four methods of planting grass are seeding, sodding, sprigging, and plugging. Of all of these methods sodding is the most popular. With better techniques of sodding and [...]

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How to Understand Grass Seed Labels

If  you are attempting to lay grass seed down yourself, you might need to know how to interpret all of the label information. When you purchase your grass seed, you will notice a lot of information on the package that you  might not understand very well. I hope this information will help you understand what [...]

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How to Lay Grass Seed Effectively

Whether you are renovating a space in your yard or simply over-seeding, there are some things that would be advantageous for you to know before beginning, especially if you have never worked with grass seed before. Laying down grass seed is certainly less expensive than laying sod. It will take a little more time and effort [...]

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