Winter Garden

Choosing Plants for Winter Color

Every gardener wants to make sure that they have some winter color and textures around in their winter landscape. This is possible more so in some areas, than in others. You should have an objective to try to have some type of color year round in your yard and garden. If you are  unsure of [...]

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Harvesting Winter Crops in Cooler Climates

Winter crops can be grown easily in cooler climates if you can extend the time of your harvest. Some types of crops even do better in colder weather, and some taste even better after a few frosts. Your yard and garden can give you an abundant amount of edible winter crops if you do a [...]

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What to Plant in Winter Flower Beds and Landscapes?

Many gardeners are wondering what to plant in their winter flower beds and landscapes. There are many different types of plants that include both winter flowering plants, as well as winter shrubs and small trees. Some of these may or may not be suitable for all yard and gardens, as climates can vary a great [...]

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