Cedar Potting Bench-An Excellent Choice

A cedar potting bench is an excellent type of potting bench. Today's modern gardeners are always looking for ways to make gardening easier and more enjoyable.  If you are thinking of purchasing a potting bench, you should consider a Cedar Potting Bench. Find facts and information on types of potting benches and what options you have.

Cedar is an Excellent Wood for Potting Benches

Cedar is a popular wood because of its beautiful grain and color.  You can find cedar as a popular wood in many types of outdoor benches. Even more so, it is an excellent choice of wood for any outdoor project because of its durable, decay-resistant nature. Cedar weathers the elements extremely well. I have a cedar potting bench that I have had for many years. It has served its purpose very well. Having a garden potting bench has been a life-saver. Before I purchased my bench, I had materials stashed and stacked all over my garage. It was always a hassle to collect what I needed when planting time finally arrived.

"Cedar Potting Bench"

Cedar Potting Bench

This was especially true when it came to gathering tools, pots, soil, and fertilizers. I had thought of the idea of buying a potting bench for a long time. After procrastinating for a long time, I finally reached the moment of decision. I was  so tired of things not being organized, so I decided to buy a potting bench. The fact that you are able to organize all of your garden tools, equipment, and materials all  together into one convenient spot should speak for itself. I researched all the various types of wood and materials. What did I find out?

Choosing a Cedar Potting Bench

I found that a cedar potting bench was the most durable, and much more affordable than teak or mahogany. I have never regretted my choice. What I call, bench potting, is fun! You will be, not only organized, but able to see how it does away with all the mess that comes with potting and re-potting. And, in my case, having to clean up and stash things away every time I had to plant or re-pot something. I definitely recommend one.

Cedar Potting Bench- Styles and Options

There are many styles of garden potting benches to purchase. You will also find many different features for you to choose from. For example, you will have to decide on such things as, if it comes with or without a drawers. Other options such as, if it has a sink, shelves, hooks, wheels, rollers, or any combination of these.

Potting Bench Finishes

Potting benches come stained, natural, with or without a finish, or even painted. If you already have other furniture on your patio or deck, you are sure to find a bench that would be complementary to them.  Cedar most often comes with no finish at all. I give Cedar potting benches a thumbs up!

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