Choosing Between a Canopy Gazebo or a Pergola

If you are trying to decide between a canopy gazebo or a pergola in your landscape, then this article will help you decide. The first thing you need to decide is what your main purpose for choosing either one of these structures might be. Both of them will provide a nice focal point in your yard or garden.

Most families would like a nice secluded place to to relax and enjoy the outdoors. If this is something you like to do, then your best choice would be a canopy gazebo. A gazebo offers a sheltered area where you can sit outdoors, or you can use it for outside entertaining or dining. This is a great structure for outdoor cookouts and celebrations, especially where you are needing a waterproof gazebo or area sheltered from the elements.

"Canopy Gazebo"

A More Formal Canopy Gazebo

There are many types of gazebos available that have a canopy top. You will find them also referred to as canvas gazebos. Both of them have a framework that is covered with a canvas type roof over the top of the gazebo. These structures may be portable and can moved around very easily. There are also permanent types of gazebos that are made of wood and have various types of roofing materials for the top. Outdoor lighting can be added to any type of gazebo, giving you optimal use of your evenings. Many people think of using patio lighting, but seem to overlook other lighting options.

You will want to make sure your gazebo is tied down or anchored down so that it will not blow out of position. If you live in a very windy area, I would not leave your gazebo outdoors, but would take it down and bring it in. Your gazebo can be anchored down with weights made of concrete or weighted sand bags that are tied onto each of the posts. This works fairly well on most types of gazebos and is a great way to ensure safety precautions are taken. This should be done, regardless if your gazebo is nailed into the ground with anchor nails, as these can be ripped up easily if the wind is strong enough.

"A Spacious Pergola"

A spacious Pergola

If you are wanting a more airy structure for your landscape, then you might want to choose a pergola instead. A pergola is mostly a framework of wood that has from 4 to 6 or more posts, if it is long. It has a wooden framework across the top that allows you to have several options of what to do with it. You can grow plants alongside the posts and let the plants trail and run up and across your top railings.

This provides a nice shady canopy in the summer when the plant has leaves. In the winter time, it will look much differently without leaves, as in the case of wisteria. Another option is to place the pergola alongside your house, and placing some netting or colorful fabric across the top of the pergola. This can also be done out in the open next to a pool or over a nice picnic bench.

Each of these structures can be purchased in different sizes. A pergola can be purchased as a kit and constructed where you want it to be permanently placed, Or, you can get plans and design it yourself. You will be enjoy having either one of these structures in your landscape.

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