Choosing Summer Plants with Colorful Foliage

Summer plants with colorful foliage are always in high demand. You will find a list of plants that have colorful summer foliage ranging from red foliage, purple foliage, to blue-green or gray to gray-green foliage, or beautiful yellow to yellow-green foliage. You are sure to find some of these beauties to plant in your summer landscape. The plants are listed by color and are followed by the USDA Zone.

"Containers for Summer Foliage Plants"

Use containers for cool summer colored foliage

You may find other plants that have colored summer foliage that are not listed, and, some may be harder to find than other varieties listed. Don't rule out other favorites such as, caladiums, hostas, and spireas. Always try to incorporate many different colors to  liven up your landscape through all the different seasons of the year.

Using Container Plants to show off other great summer foliage is a common way to incorporate color into your landscape. Containers are the perfect solution to problem areas are where you have limited space for plants. Try to vary your containers, both in size, color, and style to give an eye-appealing design to a deck or patio area.

"Colorful Summer Foliage"

Vary summer foliage to create interest

Lists of Colored Summer Foliage

Red Foliage

  • Bloodgood Japanese Maple, Zone 5-8
  • Crimson King Maple, Zone 3-7
  • Red-Leaf Japanese Barberry, Zone (4) 5-8
  • Bloodleaf, Zone 9-11

Purple Foliage

  • Forest Pansy Redbud, Zone 5-8
  • Purple-leaf Smoke Bush, Zone 4-8
  • Copper Beach, Zone 5-6
  • Palace Purple Alumroot, Zone 4-8
  • Thundercloud Cherry Plum, 5-8
  • Persian Shield, 10-11

Blue-green Foliage

  • Blue Atlas Cedar, 5-9
  • Silver Dollar, 9-10
  • Blue Fescue, 4-8
  • Giant Blue Hosta, 3-8
  • Creeping Juniper, 3-7
  • Blue Spruce, 3-7 (8)

Gray, Gray-green Foliage

  • Wooly Yarrow, 3-8
  • Silver King Artemisia, 4-9
  • Snow-in-Summer, 3-7
  • Russian Olive, 2-7
  • Mottlecah, 10-11
  • Licorice Plant, 9-11
  • Lavender, 5-8
  • Olive, 9-10
  • White Poplar, 3-8
  • Dusty Miller, 8-10
  • Silver Linden, 4-7
  • Chaste Tree, 7-9

Yellow, Yellow-green Foliage

  • Sunburst Honeylocust, 4-8
  • Foamy Bells, 4-8
  • Gold-leaf Hosta, 3-8
  • Golden Hops, 4-9
  • Saybrook Gold Juniper, 4-9
  • Vicary Golden Privet, 5-8
  • Golden Honeysuckle, 4-9
  • Golden Mockorange, 4-8
  • Golden Oriental Arborvitae, 6-8
  • Rheingold Arborvitae, 4-8


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