Choosing the Perfect Site for Your Canvas Gazebo

If you are wanting to build a canvas gazebo, you should first choose a site in your yard or garden that will serve the purpose and function of your gazebo. To decide this, think of what originally gave you the idea to build a gazebo. Did you walk out to a corner of your property to be overwhelmed by a magnificent view? If something similar to this has occurred, then chances are that this should be the location of your gazebo. You may not have a particular spot in mind, and just think that you would like a lovely garden retreat someplace in your yard.

In either case, it is important to step back and think about how your canopy gazebo will affect the way your property looks and the way it functions. A canvas gazebo that has been plunked down in a yard with no real reason to be there is a sad sight, of use to no one.

"Placement of a Canvas Gazebo"

Canvas Gazebo Placement

You should start by thinking about how you will use the gazebo. Is it a place where you will entertain? Will you dine there? A dining table and chairs requires a bigger gazebo than you may think. You will need about 46 inches of space between the edges of the table and the railing so people can walk behind the chairs and pull them out to sit. That means at least a 12 ft. Wide gazebo for a typical table that seats four.

If possible, take the table and chairs out to the spot where you plan to put the gazebo—this will give you an idea of how big the gazebo should be and how the table will work in the space. A gazebo that is used for dining should be close to a kitchen.

The view of the gazebo itself, can be as important as the view from your gazebo. Do you want your gazebo to be an important focal point that draws the eye when you look out the window or enter the yard? Perhaps it is at the juncture of two or more garden paths. The multi-sided nature of gazebos makes them a natural choice for placement in the center of things, perhaps with flower beds radiating from the base.

You may want to paint your gazebo white or a combination of bright colors to make it stand out, You might even add dramatic lighting shining up around the base of your canvas gazebo or canopy gazebo, so you can enjoy an evening view of your gazebo.

"Gazebo Positioning is Essential"

Correct Positioning of a Gazebo is Essential

Will your gazebo be a small, hidden treasure-a place for quiet conversation or solitary meditation tucked away in a nook of your yard? Rustic style gazebos that blend into the landscape work well this way. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that an unobtrusive gazebo won’t impact the rest of the yard. Your gazebo will be a magnet to visitors You might even want to pave a path to it.

Keep in mind that your gazebo may even block a view, which in some cases may be desirable. A strategically placed gazebo, surrounded on two or three sides with tall plantings is a great way to create a romantic nook while obliterating an undesirable sight. If you want to block an obtrusive view without stifling breezes or cutting too out too much light, you should install lattice on several sides of the gazebo.

For optimum placing of your gazebo, take all of these factors into consideration before planning where your gazebo will be placed. As you can see, choosing the perfect site for your canopy gazebo will make a great difference in your landscape.

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