Choosing the Right Gazebo

A Gazebo can add that special touch of design to your yard or garden by adding an inviting, outdoor entertaining space that nothing else will. While adding shade to a sunny site, it also gives a place for family entertaining, dining, parties, and even ceremonies. Gazebos, along with the trellis, arch, pergola, and garden bench are considered tops in today's  garden.  This article is a personal account of what gazebos can be used for and information on choosing the right one.

I have an  gazebo in my yard that is loved by my Gran-daughter as well.  It serves as her special "Dancing place". We have many outdoor performances that the entire family "must" attend. Our garden gazebo is outfitted with decorative garden lights and hanging artificial greenery along the top rails.

"Canvas Gazebo"

Canvas Gazebo

Although it does have netting that goes with it, we usually leave off the netting, which gives an airy open feeling. We built a wooden foundation and then mounted the metal ebo frame onto the wooden surface on ours. We live in a windy area and needed the extra support that is sometimes needed with our varying weather conditions.

The most popular size is the 10x10 gazebo. Many are offered in larger sizes and shapes. Most gazebos are free standing, but a few varieties are portable and can even pop-up, so that they can be taken on trips. There are many types of gazebos. These are the most common types of gazebos: the patio, pop up, metal, hexagonal, iron, fabric and canvas gazebo. Some of these are also referred to as a canopy gazebo. Ones that don't have a solid roof, but has some type of material that goes over the framework of the gazebo.

The materials and finishes are as varied, as are the types and styles available. If a classic wood bench is more of your style, you need to know that there are many available types of wood to choose from: white and red cedar, teak, redwood, shorea hardwood, bamboo and pine.  Mahogany and Oak are also great woods but don't do well in the weather. If you have a sun room or climate controlled space these woods would be perfect.  Depending on the amount of money you would like to invest in a gazebo, you are sure to find one that meets your needs.

There are many types out there, so be sure to check out all of your options before making your final decision. Many varieties can be purchased from major Home and Garden stores, specialty design stores, or even the local chain store. Online services are also available for shopping, especially in remote areas. They also can ship your items very quickly. This is especially handy when you have no means of picking up your item directly from the Store. Shipping charges make up a large portion of the add-ons, so be on the look out for good deals that offer "free shipping".

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