Choosing the Right Shrubs for Landscaping

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying shrubs for landscaping. Make sure that you know how large they will get before you purchase them. It is a good idea to measure the spot you have in mind for it before you leave home. If you will do a little research before hand, you’ll learn that shrubs will grow to varying heights and widths. Some can grow very tall in your yard and garden and outgrow its planting space very quickly.

For instance, a weigela can grow up to 8 to 9 feet and is a beautiful shrub for landscaping. If you have room for them, they are great to have. I have one of the light pink varieties and I can tell you, they do grow as large as expected. It is a beautiful shrub, especially when it is in full bloom. It is also a good shrub to use to hide unsightly areas or objects, such as garbage cans or compost piles.

You can force many flowering shrubs to grow in bad conditions, but they you will usually pay for it later as it will die, or become sickly with diseases. So, it does pay to prepare the soil and nurture your shrubs so that they will be around a long time.

The climate, which consists of temperature, humidity, sunshine, wind and air pressure, and precipitation, of your area, should be taken  into consideration when purchasing shrubs. Some plant cannot survive a climate unlike that of their natural habitat. The gardenia, for example, won’t grow in a cold, outdoor climate. Gardenias have to have a mild climate, which means she would be happy in parts of California and Texas.

Some flowering shrubs and bushes like dampness, but all want good drainage. Some will actually tolerate the dampness but not extreme cold.

Honeysuckle will grow almost anywhere and will survive in almost any type of soil. It has a wonderful fragrance that you can smell from afar.

So, knowing all of this, you must select shrubs that will grow well where you live. Don’t let someone sell or talk you into buying shrubs that will not do well in your climate or garden.

You may need to do some adjusting to your soil. You can do a few things that will make your soil where a certain type of shrub can grow, but don’t expect to change much more. You might need to make some other choices, even if its one that you don’t like.

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