Christmas Tree Storage Bags- Finding the Best Storage Bags?

Christmas tree storage bags are great for storing your Christmas tree. Homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to store and organize their seasonal decorations when the season is over. Find facts and information on some of the best Christmas tree storage bags available.

"Christmas Tree Storage Bags"

Christmas Tree Storage Bags

As many homeowners choose to purchase and artificial tree instead of a live Christmas tree, it becomes necessary to invest in ways to handle artificial tree storage.  You will need to known the size of your tree to make sure you purchase a storage bag that will fit the size of your tree.  Storage bags come in different sizes and styles. Most of them will fit standard sized trees, as well as even larger bags holding trees up to 9' high. Some bags will have zippers, handles, velcro, wheels, rollers, or dollies made into a bag, and will come in various colors.

*Tip- Don't forget to use some live plants for Christmas Decorating such as: Christmas Cactus and Poinsettias.

Organizing stored items always seems to be a great concern as storage space is sometimes very limited. If you happen to live in an apartment with little storage space, you might want to consider renting a storage unit that will enable you to put your items away until the next Christmas season arrives. It helps keep your home uncluttered, while keeping your seasonal items together in one place and in good condition.

Types of Christmas Tree Storage Bags

1. Household Essentials 6032 Christmas Tree Bag has zippers for quick closing with a diameter of 30” and 60” high. This is an upright storage bag made to save space. It cleans easily and is made of a sturdy material that is tear proof. 

2. Holiday Green Large Christmas Tree Storage bag measuring 9” high, 60” wide, and 30” deep. The bag is solid green.

3. Whitmor 6129-1636 Christmas tree storage bag comes in a bright red poypropylene color. It is easy to carry and can serve to hold other christmas items as well as a tree. 

4. Rolling Tree Storage Bag will hold a 7.5 ft. Christmas tree. Weighs 3.5 poounds and comes in red. 

5. Santas Bags Rolling Tree Dolly Storage System is made for larger sized trees 6’ to 9’ tall. This is a heavy duty model that has wheels and leans back to roll like a dolly. It also has a heavy weight polyester bag with an expansion top. It has inner straps for a durable grasp. It measures 22” x 20” x 58’. 

6. Christmas Tree Rolling Storage Bag weighs 2.6 pounds and is made of plastic. It measures 50” x 28” x 27” deep. 

7. Large Adjustable Christmas Tree storage bag that will store a 6-9’ tree. It weighs 9 lbs. and has rollers on the bottom. 

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*Don’t forget your storage bags for your Christmas wreaths as well.

























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