Column Mount Lighting – What’s Available?

Column mount lighting can add a special touch to your landscape. It can provide backyard lighting or serve as security lights in the front of your home. Column mount lighting, refers to mounting a light fixture onto a post, or as post top lighting. You will find many quality light fixtures that will mount easily onto a post to give you the perfect light and illumination for your backyard lighting needs.

"Column Mounted Lighting"

Column Mounted Lighting

Many companies will carry a specific collection of fixtures that are divided by style and the type of finish. There are many different types and styles of lighting fixtures that can be mounted. They range in styles from traditional, contemporary, to some very modern, as well as rustic aged types of fixtures. Most of the fixtures that you buy or order online will be able to be placed, with ease, onto a lamp post.

The style chosen will be totally up to the home owner. You may choose from many different types of finishes as well. Aluminum, copper, brass, metallic (shiny), to rustic and antique styles and finishes. White, black and gold remain very popular colors to choose since they are basic colors that will go with any decor. You may even find those that look like lights and lanterns that you would find in a fairy tale story. The choices that you have are numerous. You will certainly be able to find one that will meet your requirements in both looks and cost.

Outdoor Column Mount Lighting

Column mounted lights can add light to your driveway or the exterior of your home. Such post mounts from Timberland come with many finishes. Bronze is an all time favorite finish for outdoor lighting.

"Column Mounted Lighting"

Column mounted light fixtures for brick columns

Earth Tech makes a solar globe light that is easily mounted onto a surface. Each of the lights has a high quality solar cell that has a self contained charging system. Hinkley lighting has many choices that are very reasonable. Arroyo, Berkeley, and Minka are also good choices, as are Belacor and Lighting Direct. You will need to shop around as there are many great lighting choices available online to choose from.

If you already have a post in place, you may want to consider changing the column mount light that you have for a new one with a different style or finish.

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