Considering A Potting Bench?

Choosing a potting bench is not a hard task. As spring draws us closer to the outdoors, we start thinking and visualizing what we will plan and do as the warmer season approaches. If you are a gardener who likes to start your garden from seeds, bench potting  might be right up your alley. If this is the case, you should consider investing in a potting bench. Bench potting has become very popular because of the rising prices of pre-grown plants. It is a very economical and rewarding hobby that will give you lasting pleasure.

Wooden Potting Bench

A garden potting bench can very useful, even if you're not an avid outdoor gardener. It can be made of various types of wood, with a cedar potting bench being an excellent choice. Many people love to bring the outdoors in during the cold winter months.

They decorate their home with various kinds of plants, flowers, and trees to give color and to bring in a touch of the great outdoors that is so often missed during the bleak winter months. Whether you are starting seeds or re-potting your established plants, you will need a place to do this.

If you garden a lot,you will definitely find a potting bench to be your life saver, or in actuality a "mess-saver".  Re-potting plants or trying to pack soil into little trays or pots can be a bit messy. It seems, no matter how hard you try, that soil seems to fly off  in all directions.

Now that we know why we need a potting bench, let's find out a little bit about them. A potting bench usually comes with standard features. You will have a large top surface which is your work area, and a bottom shelf for larger items such as: your bags of potting soil, fertilizer, pots, trays and water can. I prefer the potting benches that also have a rail across the top. I have added hooks along the top of mine to hang trowels and other frequently used garden tools that have a pre-drilled hole in the handle for hanging.

Other great features, although not standard, would be a potting bench with a drawer of some type. A drawer is great for all those smaller items that you just don't have a place for. If you choose a bench without a drawer, you can make do with a large glass jar or a plastic container to put things in. I like glass jars, even though they are breakable, because I can easily see what's in them with out having to open a lid. Another feature, would be a potting bench with bins made into the design to help organize your miscellaneous items.

Potting Bench with a drop in tub

One bench style has a place for drop in tubs. This would be a good option to have, as it allows you to fill the containers with potting soil and just scoop up the amount you need into the pot without having to dip the soil out of a partially opened plastic bag. If you have done that before, you know what I mean- Very messy! The drop-ins also give you a place to soak  your dirty pots until you have time to clean them.

You might want to consider if your potting bench will be kept in one place or moved around in your yard when the weather changes. If yours will be on the move you will need to choose a style that has wheels or rollers.

Some have wheels on both sides but the ones that have rollers on one end only is probably the more common of the types of potting benches  with wheels. Other features may include: those that will fold down for easy storage, ones that have a convenient drop leaf that can be raised or lowered, and ones that are compact and made for smaller spaces.

What types of Potting Bench Materials are Available?

Potting benches can be made of many different kinds of wood and non-wooden materials. Wooden potting benches are usually made of good weather resistant materials. You will find that some will come stained while others may be made with pretreated wood.

Wooden potting benches would also need to have a sealer of Urethane or Polyurethane finish to help preserve the wood, unless you wanted a more rustic look. Most potting benches are made of woods such as  fir, cedar, and redwood. The non-wood varieties are usually a type of resin or poly resin material. You will find some metal potting benches as well.

Most benches are around 4 feet in length, and can be found at home stores, hardware stores, or on-line for those with added features. Prices will vary from under a $100 to well over $400. If you take a little time checking out your options, you will find the ideal potting bench for your specific need.

Again, I will say for the ambitious gardener, who loves to do-it-yourself, there are potting bench plans out there for you to choose from. Many people choose this option over purchasing one, as it allows them to customize the bench just the way they want it. Gazebos and garden benches are very often made from these types of  plans. You might even find a bench unfinished that meets your needs.

It is a great experience, if you haven't tried  it before  to make something yourself. It might be only adding stain or paint, but it will be something you will be proud to showoff to your family and friends.  Personally speaking, I would make sure it looks good before showing to friends. We don't want this to be your last project.  Remember, if you do choose to stain or paint your own, make sure you put a sealer of some type over your stain. Make sure the stain has dried completely before adding your sealer.  Good luck on your Potting Bench project!

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You will find many more more  potting benches available to fit your gardening needs.

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Christy July 7, 2011 at 12:41 am

What brand is the potting bench that has the large white drop-in tub? (The second picture in your story.) I would LOVE to buy that; can you tell me where it is available? Thanks!

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