Deer Resistant Trees and Shrubs- Which Repel the Best?

Deer resistant trees and shrubs are available, but choosing the best varieties and species is a different matter. Deer resistant plants should always be planted where you have a large deer population. Homeowners are constantly looking for deer repellents and ways to keep them from eating up the vegetation in their yard or garden. Find facts on types of deer resistant trees and deer resistant shrubs that can be planted to help keep deer away.

"Deer Resistant Trees"

Plant deer resistant trees to keep deer away

Now that you are taking the first step by choosing to plant deer resistant varieties of plants, you will be able to take other steps such as building a high fence around your property if that is at all feasible. It will take a 9’ high fence to be of any use. Many homeowners are not willing, or able to put up such a high fence. Your next step will be to use other preventive matters, such as putting out repellents to keep them away.

Deer have a preferred menu, from most to least favorite plants. If you plant their least favorites, they may visit the neighbors house first, but chances are that they’ll return to your house in deepest winter when the good stuff next door is gone. You can put out repellents that will work in winter, as well, to try to keep them away.

"Deer Resistant Shrubs"

Mahonia is resistant to deer

Here is a list of recommended deer-resistant trees and shrubs. The common name and the botanical name is given to make sure you get the right species of the tree or shrub as all varieties of a plant may not be as deer-resistant as others.

Deer Resistant Trees and Shrubs

Maple, Acer species

Chokeberry, Aronia species

Barberry, Berberis species

Birch, Betula species

Boxwood, Buxus species

Pea shrub, Caragana species

Smoketree, Cotinus species

Daphne, Daphne species

Forsythia, Forsythia species

Juniper, Juniperus species

Yaupon, Ilex vomitoria

American holly, Ilex opaca

Katsura, Kadsura japonica

Mountain laurel, Kalmis latifolia

Beautybush, Kolkwitzia amabilis

Drooping leucothoe, Leucothoe fontanesiana

Magnolia, Magnolia species

Bayberry, Myrica species

Oleander, Nerium oleander

Sourwood, Oxydendrum arboreum

Spruce, Picea species

Pieris, Pieris species

Pine, Pinus species

Bush cinquefoil, Potentilla fructicosa (not P. Strobus)

Firethorn, Pyracantha coccinea

Beach rose, Rosa rugosa

Rosemary, Rosmarius officinalis

Skimmia, Skimmia japonica

Adam’s needle, Yucca species

This is a deer, rabbit, and elk repellant that is very popular to use against deer population. It is non-toxic and will not harm children or pets. It is environmentally friendly and easy to use.


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