Do You Know How to Change a Snowblower Belt?

Changing a snowblower belt is fairly easy to do. If you have a snowblower that has a broken belt, it will be very cost effective if you learned how to change it yourself, instead of having to take it into a repair shop. If possible, don’t wait until your snowblower belt actually breaks to change it. What if it breaks during a winter storm and you can’t get to the store? Keeping this in mind, I would suggest that you keep an extra belt on hand so that you will have it when you need it.

Good maintenance of your snowblower is always a good practice to have. Keep your snowblower in tip-top shape at all times. Check the filter and oil as well. There are many helpful tips available on preparing your snowblower or snow thrower for winter operations.

The snowblower belt is one of the most common parts to break. It doesn’t matter if you have a John Deere snowblower, or a ATV snowblower, since they all have a belt and are set up, more or less, the same way. If you have a handy screwdriver and snowblower belt, you are in business.

Snowblower Belt

Here are a few steps that should be easy to follow.

1. The auger is where the belt is fastened. Loosen the motor cover to get access to the auger. You will see that the belt extends out from behind the cover, usually on the side of the blower. Check with the model instructions for your particular snowblower if you don’t know which part is which.

2. Take the cover off, either by snapping off or unscrewing the screws.

*Never touch any inner parts of your snowblower if there is any chance that it can be turned on. It is essential to always practice good safety as with any types of machinery or moving and working parts.

3. Make sure parts, such as, the auger and the steering and control mechanism is not engaged and cannot be turned on in anyway.

4. Locate the auger. The belt is on two gears, and the auger should be the larger of the two, and usually the lower one. Pull the belt off, then down and off of the auger entirely.

5. Next, remove the belt from around the motor, the top gear.

6. Then slip the new belt onto the motor gear and make sure it is resting on the inside tracks of the motor.

7. You may need to stretch the belt somewhat as it may not be able to go around the gear at first. Work with it by stretching it out until you are able to stretch the belt around the auger.

8. Put back the motor cover and either popped it back into place or screw it down with the screwdriver.

All of these steps are just the reverse of what you did to take the belt off.

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