Downspout Diverter- Looking for a Downspout Diverter?

A downspout diverter is an essential piece of equipment for your rain barrel. This is one way to save rainwater and use rain water in your yard or garden. Find downspout diverter facts and information on many types of downspout diverters, diverter parts, kits and materials. Many gardeners like have plants that prefer water and wet areas but do not want to spend the extra money on water expenses. Having a alternative source of water is a great advantage to most gardeners.

"Downspout Diverter"

Universal Downspout Diverter

Uses of Downspout Diverters

Most downspout diverters and rain barrel diverters will control your overflow automatically and will divert the water when the rain barrel is filled to capacity. Rain barrels will also protect your basement from runoff and will control the flow of the water.

Ways to divert rain water 

Many homeowners will simply used a barrel or ceramic pot to act as a rain catcher. When the container or rain catcher fills, the excess can be diverted elsewhere in your yard. Some homeowners have been using the flex-drain that attaches to a drain pipe and will extend along your yard to where you want it to drain. Although this works very well and is the less expensive way to go, it is not attractive to see it going across your landscape.

Other rain diversion products include: Aqua barrels, rain saucer and other rainwater harvesting tools.

"Rain Barrel Diverter"

Downspout Diverter Kit

Downspout Diverter kits and Parts

You can also buy downspout diverter kits that allow you to manually redirect the flow of water. Such kits contain in-line downspout diverter kit or Offset downspout diverter kits. It is possible to purchase the downspout parts that you need to construct your own downspout diverter. Be sure to get downspout straps, or such items as a rectangular “Y”, round “y”, zig-zag leg parts, and 90 degree elbow parts.

A great product is the universal rain barrel diverter. This will fit most rain barrel types. It will attach to drainpipes 2 x3 or 3 x 4. It has a 20” hose with the diverter valve. This one comes with an off season plug and is made of resin.

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