Dwarf Shrubs- Finding the Best Dwarf Shrubs for all types of Gardens

Dwarf shrubs, can be used in all types of garden spaces. Dwarf shrubs are used for landscaping small gardens, rock gardens, and woodland garden. You will find facts and information and a list of dwarf shrubs that can be used very effectively in your yard or garden.

"Dwarf Shrubs"

Dwarf Shrubs in the landscape

Using Dwarf Shrubs

In a small garden, or rock garden, dwarf shrubs are much more in keeping with the scale of things than large plants. Since they are small plants, they will have the advantage of allowing for more space to grow more plants in the same space.

Other than their size, dwarf shrubs are no different from the larger ones and are treated in exactly the same way. They can be used by themselves or in special beds. You can have them mixed in shrub border in front of other shrubs or have them under taller shrubs. They can also be used in pots and other containers, either in groups or as specimen plants.

In the rock garden, the smallest sized shrubs may be used. Some can be found as small as a few centimeters high. Much like other shrubs, they are equally grown for their foliage and flowers. Some are perfect miniatures of larger plants. Juniperus communis ‘Compressa’, for example, could be a large conifer seen through the reverse end of a telescope.

Try using a few dwarf shrubs and conifers in a trough or sink adds to the height of the planting, giving it more structure and interest than if it were simply filled with low-growing alpine plants.

Dwarf Shrub Varieties

Genista lydia is a great shrub if you want bright colors. In spring, it is absolutely covered with a mound of bright, gold-colored, pea-like flowers. It looks good tumbling over rocks or a wall but can be used anywhere. It also requires little attention and care.

C. ‘Pin cushion’ as other ceanothus varieties may need wall protection to bring them through the winter. It still retains both the good foliage and the blue flowers that attract so many gardners to this group of plants.

X Halimiocistus revolii is an example of an unusual shrub. It is a beautiful plant that spreads to form a mat of dark green leaves, dotted with white flowers in midsummer. It likes a well-drained soil but needs little attention.

Dwarf Shrubs for Rock Gardens

  • Aethionema
  • Berberis (dwarf forms)
  • Ceanothus prostratus
  • Chamaecyparis obusa
  • Convolvulus cneorum
  • Convolvulus sabatius
  • Daphne
  • Dryas octopetala
  • Erica (heather)
  • Euonymous acreus
  • Europs acreus
  • Fuschsia procumbens
  • Genista lydia
  • X Halimiocistus revolii
  • Hebe (many dwarf varieties)
  • Helianthemum (most forms)
  • Hypercium (many varieties)
  • Juniperus communis ‘Compressa’
  • Leptospermum scoparium ’Nanum’
  • Lithodora diffusa
  • Lonicera pyrenaica
  • Micromeria corsica
  • Ononis
  • Salix repens (and several other forms)
  • Sorbus reducta
  • Teucrium (various dwarf forms)
  • Thymus (many forms)
  • Verbascum ‘Letita’

Dwarf Shrubs for a Woodland Bed

  • Andromeda
  • Arctostapbylos
  • Cassiope
  • Daphne
  • Erica (heather)
  • Gaultheria
  • Kalmia
  • Kamiopsis
  • Pernyetta
  • Phyllodoce
  • Rhododendron (many dwarf forms)
  • Vaccinium

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