Edging and Trimming for a Manicured Lawn

For those of you that appreciate a manicured lawn, you will need to make sure you do your edging and trimming. Edging your lawn and areas around the objects in your lawn, are the finishing touches that make the difference between just a mowed lawn or a beautifully manicured landscape. There is just something about a crisp, clean edge that completes the look of any lawn.

A Beautifully Manicured Lawn

Too often we look at a lawn and wonder what is it that makes it look so incomplete. It is all nicely mowed, but still has something missing. It is like putting the finishing touch on a picture. So don’t forget the added little chore of edging or trimming. This is the touch up job that will give you the finished masterpiece that you are striving to get. Trimming and edging applies to the perimeter of your lawn, the flower bed edges, borders, and anywhere that grass creeps up. All you need are the right tools and the knowledge on how to safely operate them to complete the job.

What is the difference between Edging and Trimming? While most of us use the terms edging and trimming interchangeably, they are entirely different practices.


Gas Powered Edger

Edging is a vertical cut. Edgers usually have a metal blade that cuts into turf like a knife. It creates a crisp line between turf on one side of the blade and the surface on the other side. Edging is usually done monthly or more frequently if you have a lot of rainfall, or have cool-season grass. If you have warmer season grass, you will most likely need to do the edging every week or every other week. All you need to do is to look at the edges against the concrete, lawn, or mulch and see if it has lost its nice crisp cut.

Trimming is a horizontal cut that is achieved by a trimmer, more commonly known as a string trimmer. The head of a trimmer looks much like a hockey puck with two trimmer lines attached. The head of the trimmer spins at high speeds. As it turns, the nylon line string cuts through the leaves of the grass.

*Tip-Keep your lawn mowed is an essential part of lawn maintenance. Lawn mowers come in many types from less expensive to wonderful riding mowers such as John Deere offers, along with baggers for easy clean ups.

*Tip-Be sure to store your equipment properly. A garden tool organizer will organize all sizes of gardening equipment.

String Trimmer

*Tip- Trim edges so that they are even to t he height of your grass. A common mistake when using a string trimmer is to cut away too much grass along the length of your property edge. This creates a border that looks like a step down from the rest of the yard. So it is important to keep everything level so that it doesn’t look like someone hatched it to pieces. This is a technique that may need to be practiced a bit.

*Tip- Always wear eye protection, and long pants to protect yourself from flying debris that could fly up unexpectedly. For more informative articles on many subjects that will help answer many of your questions visit yardandgardenrescue.com.

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