Episcia- An Indoor Plant for the Greenhouse and Terrariums

Episcia is a type of gorgeous tropical american, herbaceous, trailing perennial that belongs to the Gesneria family, Gesneriaceae. Episcia are best suited for warm greenhouses and in terrariums. Find facts and information on growing and caring for episcia and a list of popular varieties.

Episcia Facts and Information

The name is derived from ‘episkios’, shaded, and has reference to their natural habitats. It is pronounced, Epis'cia'. These plants are sometimes called Flame Violets and are grown mostly for their foliage. Each variety will have a specific flower color. To flower, the plant needs to have a perfect environment with the right amount of moisture and light. Indoor plants, especially tropical ones, are a favorite for many indoor gardeners.

Episcia cleopatra

Episcias thrive in loose, woodsy soil that is always kept evely moist but not waterlogged. A mixture of loam, peat moss, leaf mold, and sand with a little crushed charcoal added suits them well. They grow best in a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees.

Terrarium of E. pink dreams

A humid atmosphere should be provided. Cuttings root readily and they may be propagated by seeds which should be sown on the soil surface or be only very slightly covered. Propagation may also be effected by leaf cuttings and by runners, called stolons. The stolons can be placed in vermiculite to root.

Favorite Episcia Varieties

You may find that some of these varieties are no longer available. There are so many beautiful varieties that is all of them cannot be listed. You will find pictures of some of my favorites. E chontalensis, with red-dish purple leaves and pale lilac or white flowers; e cupreata, with leaves tinged with copper and marked with silver and with scarlet flowers; e fulgida, with dark-green leaves tinged with copper, and scarlet flowers.

Other Episcias cultivated by american fanciers are E cupreata a variety viridfolia, which has glossy green leaves and is said to bloom more freely than other kinds; E dianthiflora, which has white, fringed flowers and small, hairy, deep green leaves with brown veins.

Episcia reptans

Episcia pink panther

Hybrid Varieties

A number of hybrid or reputedly hybrid kinds are also popular. These include: ‘Acajou’, with hairy leaves conspicuously marked with silver, green, and brown.

‘Chocolate Soldier’, with leaves that are green and chocolate colored.

'Pink Brocade' with pink and light green leaves

‘Emerald Queen’, with hairy leaves of emerald green.

‘Frosty’, with bright green leaves covered with silvery hairs and with a broad greenish white leaves that have dark brown margins with light brown.

‘Westwood’, with hairy leaves of a silvery color that are margined with medium brown.

Episcia moonlight valley

Episcia lilacina

Episcia pink acajou

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