Estimating Quantities Of Garden Materials

How to Estimate Quantities

All garden materials are measured in different ways. There are simple ways of estimating quantities of garden materials depending on your plan, whether it is paving slabs, bricks, gravel, plants, shrubs, or soil. This will come in handy if you have to  measure and mark off patterns in your garden. Having at least a fairly good idea of the amount of materials and knowing what to ask for will come in very handy.

Here is a guide to help you estimate these quantities.

Paving slabs are usually sold by the superficial area they will cover. Measure the length and width of each path in feet and multiply the numbers to get the area in square feet.

Bricks are sold by numbers; 35 laid flat or 53 laid on edge will cover an area of 10 sq. ft.

Gravel for paths and driveways are sold by the cubic yard. If spread 2 inches thick a cubic yard will cover 18 sq. ft.

Herbaceous plants are spaced, on the average of 15 to 16 inches apart. So 6 plants would be required for each 10 sq. ft. area you have.

Shrubs should be spaced on the average of 3 ft. intervals so each takes 9 sq. ft.

Turf is normally sold in 3 x 1 ft. strips. As an estimate, 4 turfs would cover 12 sq. ft.

Soil for filling in or leveling, is sold by the cubic yard or ton(about the same). One ton will raise a 10 sq. ft. bed between 2 1/2 and 3 ft.

It is very important to know how to order and estimate parts. My friend recently bought a canvas gazebo and asked me to help him with measuring and ordering materials to landscape the area around the gazebo. The project was a success and is  now a show piece for others to see.

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