Fabulous Pumpkin Ideas for Fall Decorating

Autumn is here and it is a time to make some memorable moments and have the most amazing Halloween ever by using a few neat ideas to decorate pumpkins for halloween. Pumpkins don’t always have to be scary and used alongside cornstalks. They can be made into great fall decorations that can be used throughout your home. Don't forget to do your fall decorating for daytime charm, as well. Use your existing, colorful fall plants, such as chrysanthemums or burning bush shrubs from your yard and garden, to incorporate into your pumpkin displays.

"Pumpkin Decorating Ideas"

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween Pumpkin Designs

1. A welcoming pumpkin is always a great way to welcome people into your home. Halloween pumpkin carvings can light up a porch light on crisp autumn nights with a traditionally carved jack-0-lantern complete with a ghastly face of a cat, witch, or ghost. Set a votive candle inside to add an eerie flicker to the glowing pumpkin.

2. Add a little fragrance while you are at with by cutting slits into the underside of the top of the pumpkin and sprinkle it with cinnamon, nutmeg, or any other spice you would like to smell as you enter your abode.

"Fall Decorations"

Decorative fall cutouts

3. For a still life presentation, try stacking several pumpkins along your porch or walkway. Add in a corn stalk or two, along with bales of straw, and colorful mums.

4. Inside your home, try infusing your interior rooms with pumpkins, plain and decorated to match an occasion or your decor. Line up a few different sized pumpkins along a mantle, shelf, or on in front of your fireplace.

5. Mini-pumpkins are great accents to place in a basket with other colorful gourds or you can fill a empty firebox with a mound of colorful pumpkins.

6. Try something new, dress up pumpkins in a black tie for a special dinner or cocktail party, or place crystal studded designs on them.

*Tip- Don’t forget that when you display pumpkins, protect your furniture and shelf surfaces by placing them on plates, trays, cake stands or wax paper cut slightly smaller than the bottom. Be sure to check your pumpkins randomly for softness and mold.

Painting Your Pumpkins to Perfection

7. Consider your pumpkin as a blank canvas, one that is urging you to create a design masterpiece. For best results select a fresh, unblemished pumpkin with a firm surface and an intact stem.

"Pumpkin Decorating"

Halloween Jack

You can use acrylic or spray on paint-flat,glossy, textured or metallic. It may takes more than one coat to get the desired effect you want. For smooth finishes, such as the silver metallic painted look, let each coat dry before applying the next coat.

Another great idea is to paint your pumpkin totally black so that the only color will be the glowing light from within. Make sure it is placed where it will not receive too much natural light. For best effect, try to place in an are where there is no light reflecting on to the pumpkin.

For a white pumpkin with a textured surface, apply a heavy coat of glitter while the paint is still wet. Be sure to wear some rubber gloves and try pressing down on the glitter so that it goes into the paint.

"Halloween Pumpkin Carving"

Use dots to your advantage

8. Polka dots can be done by using a pattern. You can do this by cutting heavy cardboard or paper plate, or some type of heavy paper so that your dots are evenly patterned to give a nice neat appearance.

9. Make circle by tracing the outline of a cookie cutter or lid so that you can trace around them and then fill them in with any color that you choose.

10. Stripes are certainly in. Use masking tape to tape stripes around the pumpkin and then trace and fill in. You don’t have to do but one or two stripes to use to mix with other colorful designs. Do one horizontal and one with vertical stripes. One of each type grouped together makes a neat grouping.

"White Pumpkins"

White pumpkin ideas

11. Try painting your pumpkins with black and decorate with crystal studs for a charming effect. A shiny silver pumpkin is very attractive and really needs nothing else done to it.

12. Put a spider web on a pumpkin for a neat effect. Try using a white pumpkin and paint a purple shiny web with a purple spider. Wow!

13. Craft stores are full of baubles, bangles, and beads that can also embellish your pumpkin and gourds.

"Halloween Pumpkin Ideas"

Utilize your items you have on hand

14. Use stencils, doilies, or decals to create a design on a pumpkin. First, paint your pumpkin a solid color and let it dry. Then, color in your stencil on to the surface. You may want to choose a white pumpkin.

15. Paint a pumpkin a cream color and add one line of scalloped black around the center for a spectacular look or try a white pumpkin with silver.

16. Why not try to create a pumpkin Birdhouse. Make the nose large enough to serve as a doorway and hang it from a tree. Make sure that you have a strong stem on your pumpkin. Decorate away!

"Pumpkin Table Decorations"

Pumpkin Table Decorations

17. Let's not forget about our table decorations. Use pumpkins in a grouping to make a centerpiece.

18. A beautiful arrangement can be made by using a pumpkin as the container. First, fill the  pumpkin with florist styrofoam and  place your autumn colored stems and flowers into the pumpkin for a great table arrangement.

"Pumpkin Arrangement"

Pumpkin Arrangement

Have fun with your pumpkins and let your creativity flow!

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