Finding a Do-It-Yourself Bench Plan

Things to consider when looking for a good do-it-yourself bench plan

A good bench plan will be one that comes with easy to read directions and accessibility to the wood and hardware needed to assemble your bench. A backless wooden bench is a great first time project, as is a park bench of some sort. Before starting with your plan, be sure you have searched for the style that will best fit your budget and your needs. A good plan comes with a list of tools that you will need such as: Circular saw, drill, hammer, tape measure, metal ruler, jig saw, and finishing sander.

One thing to remember, is safety. Do not forget your safety goggles. Your eyes are too important to be at risk.  Although, this sounds silly to have someone remind you of this, it is not. It is easy to get busy building something, and get so wrapped up in what you are doing, that they do forget safety rules.  I have been guilty of this  myself  while  do my woodworking projects, so I can speak from my experiences.

A good plan will list all of the hardware that you will need for the project, including the quantity of each item, the length and description of each part. The complete list of the wood should be given. This also includes: wood type, length and quantity of each piece.  Make sure you know if the wood is to be glued in, inserted into cut grooves, or screwed together with screws or carriage bolts.

The bench plan will provide you with a key that gives detailed  step-by- step directions and a good  illustration of the specific step you are on.  There are many DIY (Do-it-Yourself) plans on line for purchase or as a free downloads. Try your hand making a backless wooden bench. This type of bench is usually best for a first time wood project of  this caliber.  Remember, have fun and be safe. There is nothing more rewarding than starting your own project, and being able to see it through completion, as a piece that you and your family will be able to  enjoy for years to come.

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